Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Wrong Way to Use PLR Content for Your Blog...

As you already know, PLR content is licensed content that is sold to multiple people... which isn't much of an issue because you can change the content. But, what if you don't?

When you buy PLR content, you're not the only one buying that exact same PLR content. You're not the only one using it.

So is it wrong to use PLR content unchanged on your blog? I guess not, because you can do that if you want to. I haven't seen a PLR license that doesn't allow you to use PLR content as-is... at least not yet. So there's nothing 'wrong' with using it as-is on your blog. But should you?

You can use PLR content as-is. But again, the question is, should you?

I mean, if you're fine posting PLR content on your blog, unchanged, and having that exact same content appear elsewhere online... it's probably a good idea to make changes to the content.

It doesn't take much time to take that PLR content and turn it into a unique piece of PLR content. Rewrite bits of it, or rewrite all of it. Remove bits, add content to it. It really doesn't take much effort to create a unique version of the content.

And if you're thinking, "If I rewrite PLR content, wouldn't it be better just to write my own content?" Remember, with PLR content, most of the heavy work is already done for you. So even if you rewrite PLR content, using PLR content still saves you time.

If you want to get even more value out of the PLR content when using it as content for your blog, then creating a unique version of the content is definitely a good idea.

But, whether you change the content, or use it as is, it's up to you.

So I guess I really should say, "wrong way." It's not really wrong. It's just not as... beneficial using PLR content as-is on your blog, as using your own unique version of the content on your blog.

There's a lot of potential benefit in using PLR content, but whether that potential is unlocked, depends on how you use PLR content.

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