Wednesday, 9 December 2015

This is Why PLR Recipes are the Perfect Solution for Your Food Blog when You're Busy

Why PLR Recipes are the Perfect Solution for Your Food Blog when You're Busy

What do you do, when your readers are expecting you to post something on your food blog soon, but you're too busy to come up with a recipe from scratch?

Skip posting that week?

Sure, that's an option, but there's also another one...

Don't come up with the recipes from scratch. And, with PLR Recipes, you don't have to.

If you buy a PLR Recipe pack, you'll have content for your blog. Now you don't have to spend time coming up with recipe ideas and testing them out.

Since PLR Recipes are customizable licensed content, you don't have to use the recipes as is. You can modify it... or just use it as is. Whatever works for you.

PLR Recipes with Photos?

Does the PLR Recipes include photos? Yes. Even better. Now you don't have to spend money making the food, and time taking photos.

Visuals are important, especially for a food blog.

You just saved even more time (since you're busy, that's important) and money (who doesn't like saving money), just because you bought PLR Recipes that had photos as part of the package.

And yes, there are content providers than sell PLR Recipe packs that include Photos. Here's 4 content providers that have PLR Recipes + Photo packs:

What if the images suck? Okay, maybe 'suck' is a little harsh. What if the photos aren't up to your standard? Then don't use them.

Either ignore the images, try to edit them in such a way so that they suck less... or just use them anyway.

The recipes are the focus, the photos are an awesome extra. If they're good enough to use, awesome. You just saved more time and money.

If not good enough to use, then... at least the PLR Recipes will save you some time and money.

More than just Blog content

You can get even more value out of the PLR Recipes you bought, than just posting it on your blog. Especially if you have photos to go with it.

For example, create social media graphics for Pinterest. Or, if the photos are good enough to use on it's own, then you could use it elsewhere, like on other posts, or on banner ads.


I'm going to prove to you that PLR Recipes (especially ones that include photos) are an awesome content solution for your food blog, when you're super busy.

Let's say you have a food blog and your readers are expecting you to post something, but you're super busy this week.

So you buy a PLR Recipe pack (for this example, I'm using a PLR Recipe pack I bought from List Magnets. And, just in case you're wondering, I created all 3 images using Canva).

Now you have a recipe to post to your blog. All that's left is to create a blog post cover image. And, since the pack you bought included photos (the one I bought did, so I'm going with it), you use one of them for the blog cover image.

Example of using PLR content vegan chocolate cupcakes PLR recipe as blog content

Since you didn't have to spend time coming up with the recipe, you have some time to quickly create a pinterest graphic, so that you can promote the blog post.

Again, for this image, you use one of the photos that was included in the PLR Recipe pack.

Example of using a flourless baking PLR recipe to create a Pinterest graphic

You're also working on an ad campaign, to get more people to your site. You decide to combine a few recipes (including a few of the PLR recipes you bought) into a mini eBook to give away. You want to use that to get people interested in your site. So, you use one of the recipe's photos to create a banner ad.

Example of using a flourless baking PLR content pack to create a banner ad

And there you go. You just saved a whole lot of time and money on content for your food blog, just by using PLR Recipes that included photos.

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