Monday, 4 November 2013

Special Report Club Cuts Prices Drastically - New Pricing Structure Means Massive PLR Content Savings

Special Report Club now has a new pricing structure. And, as a result, you can now more buy PLR content for even less.

Same High Quality, But at a Lower Price
I wouldn't be surprised if a PLR content provider raised their prices... that's normal for businesses. Or, I wouldn't be surprised if PLR content providers reduced their prices for their older products... that makes sense.

But, when an established PLR content provider, with a reputation for providing high quality PLR content, drops their prices for new products, then you should definitely take note.

Why? Well, think of it this way; you're getting the same high quality PLR content that you'd expect from that PLR content provider, but now you're paying less.

New Pricing Structure
You've probably already seen the new pricing structure in action, if you made it in time for Monthly Report Club's "2 for 1 at a discount" special that took place last week. Monthly Report Club, Special Report Club's PLR Report Membership site, ran a special last week where you could join the membership for $9.99 and get 2 month's worth of content.

Previously, the membership fee was $37. After the special, the new membership fee was $12.99. In other words, the normal membership fee dropped from $37 to $12.99... a massive price cut.

You can also join Special Report Club's Monthly Workbook & Checklist Club for only $9.97 instead of $19.97.

But, Special Report Club has also cut the prices of PLR products that's released into their main store. From what I can tell, here's the new pricing structure for Special Report Club:
  • Big PLR Report Packages - $17
  • PLR Workbooks & Checklists - $10
  • PLR Webinar/Presentation Scripts - $7
  • PLR Reports with Mindmaps - $5
As you can see from the new prices above, if you've been a regular buyer of Special Report Club content, the prices have dropped alot. So, if you're looking for high quality PLR content that's budget-friendly, check out Special Report Club.

Click here to go to Special Report Club's main store
Click here to go to Special Report Club's Monthly Report Club
Click here to go to Special Report Club's Monthly Workbook & Checklist Club

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