Wednesday, 6 November 2013

6 Retiring PLR Article Packs at a Discount

PLR Nook is retiring 6 of their PLR Article packs. But, before they are retired, you can buy the packs at a discount.

All of the prices have been reduced to $3.25, but the packs will only be available until 8 November 2013. Below is a breakdown of the PLR Article packs that have been discounted:

Diet Trends 2013 - 10 PLR Articles
  • Are Commercial Diets the Answer? Is a Do-It-Yourself Diet Plan Better?
  • Diet Trends for 2013
  • How to Pick the Right Diet for You
  • Ten Dieting Facts You Need to Know
  • Biggest Loser Diet Overview
  • DASH Diet Overview
  • Jenny Craig Overview
  • Ornish Diet Overview
  • TLC Diet Overview
  • Weight Watchers Overview
Beauty and Fashion Winter 2012 - 10 PLR Articles
  • Back to School Accessories for 2012 – Customize Uniforms, Lunchtime, and More
  • Back to School Fashion Trends and Tips for 2012
  • Hot Styles in Boots for Fall 2012
  • Dry Hair: Possible Causes and Treatments
  • Fall Fashion Trends for Women 2012
  • Fall Footwear Trends 2012
  • Hot Hair Trends for Fall 2012
  • Make-Up Tips for Dry Skin
  • Natural Treatments for Dry Skin
  • Tips and Remedies for Frizzy Hair
Credit Repair - 10 PLR Articles
  • The Easiest Way to Remove Bad Items from Your Credit Report
  • Post-Bankruptcy Credit Improvement Tips
  • Learn to Recognize Bad Credit Loan Scams
  • How Long Does It Take for Each Item to Disappear?
  • One Quick Way to Boost Your Credit Score
  • How to Minimize the Damage of a Foreclosure on Your Credit Report
  • Is It Possible to Repair Bad Credit on Your Own?
  • What to Look for in a Contract with a Credit Repair Agency
  • How to Get Debt Collectors to Stop Harassing You
  • How to Use a Secured Credit Card to Build Credit
Direct Sales Skills - 10 PLR Articles
  • Three Skills for Direct Sales Success
  • Top Benefits of Becoming a Direct Sales Consultant
  • Finding the Right Direct Sales Company for You – Three Steps for Success
  • Five Steps to Direct Sales Success
  • Growing Your Direct Sales Business by Growing Your Team
  • Is Direct Sales Right for You? Five Questions to Ask and Answer
  • Seven Ingredients for a Successful Direct Sales Website
  • Seven Direct Sales Party Tips
  • Ten Ideas to Market Your Direct Sales Business
  • Three Keys to Selling with Confidence
Holiday Crafting - 5 PLR Articles
  • Holiday Crafts for Kids Involving Paint
  • Christmas Crafts for Teenagers
  • Easy Holiday Craft Gift Ideas for Mommies to Do with the Kids
  • Holiday Crafts for Young Children
  • Holiday Food Crafts for Kids of All Ages
Easy Thanksgiving PLR Recipes (Limited Edition PLR Content)
  • Easy Baked Ham
  • Easy Cranberry Sauce
  • Easy Green Bean Casserole
  • Easy Mashed Potatoes
  • Easy Pumpkin Pie
  • Easy Roasted Turkey
  • Easy Stuffing
  • Easy Sweet Potatoes
  • Easy Thanksgiving Rolls
  • Easy Turkey Gravy
You can find all of these discounted PLR content packs on the PLR Sale page. Click here to go to PLR Nook's PLR Sale section.

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