Monday, 18 March 2013

Huge 5 Day PLR Content Clearout Sale Ends Friday 22 March

Net PLR has put together a huge PLR Content Clearout Sale which provides you with the opportunity to get a massive amount of their high quality PLR content at a low price.

This PLR Content Clearout Sale, referred to as Net PLR's Spring Mega Sale, started today, Monday 18 March (8am EST) and ends Friday 22 March (11:59pm EST).

If you take advantage of Net PLR's Spring Mega Sale offer, you'll get over 250 high quality PLR Articles, as well as a few bonuses, at a hugely discounted price.

The Spring Mega Sale is made up of 2 big PLR Article bundles. The first is the Health and Relationships PLR bundle, which contains 108 PLR Articles from 17 PLR packs. The second is the Home and Finance PLR bundle, which contains 135 PLR Articles from 13 PLR packs.

Breakdown of the Health and Relationships PLR Bundle:
  • Alternative Medicine - 5 PLR Articles
  • Budget Wedding - 5 PLR Articles
  • Dating - 5 PLR Articles
  • Exercise - 10 PLR Articles
  • Exercise Bikes - 10 Long PLR Reviews
  • Exercise Bike - 12 page PLR Report
  • Happy Marriage - 7 PLR Articles
  • Post Pregnancy - 5 PLR Articles
  • Online Dating - 5 PLR Articles
  • Positive Thinking - 7 PLR Articles
  • Relaxation - 5 PLR Articles
  • SAD Lights - 5 PLR Articles
  • Stress - 5 PLR Articles
  • Tinnitus - 7 PLR Articles
  • Wedding Planning - 5 PLR Articles
  • Winter Depression - 5 PLR Articles
Breakdown of the Home and Finance PLR Bundle:
  • Dog Health - 7 PLR Articles
  • Dog Ownership - 22 PLR Articles
  • Financial Health - 16 page PLR Report 
  • Going Green - 7 PLR Articles
  • Green Living - 10 PLR Emails
  • Dog Owners - 12 page PLR Report 
  • Patio Furniture - 7 PLR Articles
  • Personal Finance - 22 PLR Articles
  • Pool - 6 PLR Articles
  • Saving Energy - 7 PLR Articles
  • Saving Money - 7 PLR Articles
  • Solar Power - 7 PLR Articles
  • Wind Energy - 5 PLR Articles
Click here to go to the Spring Mega Sale page

There is actually the option to buy either of the 2 PLR Bundles separately. Near the bottom of the Spring Mega Sale page, under one of the huge "Add to Cart" buttons, you'll be able to find the links to buy either of the bundles separately.

However, there isn't really much benefit to buying only 1 of the bundles, since you don't get any of the bonuses and there isn't such a huge difference between buying the whole package and the price for a single PLR Bundle.

It makes more sense to buy the whole package because you get both bundles and all the bonuses and the price is still worth it.

Important Note: The price of the Spring Mega Sale goes up on Wednesday.

After Friday, the PLR content in this Spring Mega Sale will be removed from sale and will no longer be available in Net PLR's store. In other words, after Friday, those PLR packs will never be sold again. So, think of this as your last (and best) chance to get the PLR content that's part of this sale.

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