Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Finding Technology and Mobile Related PLR Content

Sometime last week I received a request to find Technology and Mobile related PLR content. Here's what I found...

Technology and Electronics are huge topics in PLR content, so I knew it would be pretty easy to find PLR content for that. However, I wasn't too sure how much PLR content I'd be able to find related to Mobiles. 

Since Mobiles, or Cellphones, is a niche within Technology and Electronics, the easiest way to find PLR content related to cellphones, would be to go to the sites of PLR Content Providers that sell Technology and Electronics PLR content.  

Here's a few sources of PLR content related to Technology and Mobile Phones...

Free Technology and Electronics PLR Content
At the moment, I know of 2 PLR Content Providers that are giving away some high quality PLR content relating to Technology and Electronics.
Technology related PLR Content
Technology and Electronics is a popular PLR content topic, so there's a lot of PLR content providers that will have content in this area.

The following PLR content providers currently have technology related PLR Content:
  • Product PLR Monthly (electronics) - This PLR Content Membership site provides you with Electronics product reviews PLR content
  • Net PLR - there are a lot of technology related PLR content here. Go to Net PLR and click on the "Technology/Electronics PLR" link under the "Categories" tab.
  • PLR Express - you can find a few different technology related PLR content packs over here. Go to PLR Express and click on the "Technology" link, under the "Sort by Topic" heading (down right side of page)
Mobile Phones related PLR content
The following PLR Content Providers have PLR content related to Mobile Phones:
  • Net PLR (Mega Packs) - There are 2 mega PLR content packs related to mobile phones, the Rugged Cellphone Mega Pack and the Smartphones Mega Pack.
  • PLR Express - There are 2 mobile phone related PLR content packs over here: "iPhone 5 PLR" and "HTC Smartphones PLR." You can find these by going to PLR Express and clicking the "Technology" link that appears under the "Sort by Category" heading (see right-hand side of page).
There are other PLR content providers that sell technology and electronics PLR content as well. The focus here was on PLR Content Providers that had a fairly large amount of Technology and Electronics PLR content. What's probably a little harder to find, is Cellphone related PLR content. 

If you know of any other PLR Content Providers that sell Non Transferable PLR content on Cellphones, feel free to mention them in the comments section below. 

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