Friday, 1 March 2013

Business Branding PLR Report Package going beyond Personal Branding

Special Report Club has released a new massive PLR Pack. This time it's a PLR Pack on Business Branding, called "Branding Your Business (it’s not about your photo anymore)."

The focus of this PLR Pack is more about building a Brand for your Business, than Personal Branding.

This PLR Pack is a limited edition PLR pack, where Special Report Club limits sales to 250.

What this PLR Pack is all About
The package contains 2 PLR reports, as well as a lot of other sales and promotional material as well. Here's a breakdown of the pack:
  • A 28 page PLR report
  • A 9 page PLR report
  • A sales letter
  • A thank-you page for the sales letter
  • A mini site template for sales letter
  • A squeeze page
  • Confirmation page for squeeze page
  • Thank-you page for squeeze page
  • 2 professionally designed ecovers
  • PSD versions of the ecovers
  • 5 follow-up emails
  • 1 promotional email
  • Five 300 word blog posts
  • Five 400-600 word articles
  • List of affiliate program recommendations
Given all of the sales and marketing material that's part of this pack, it's clear that this pack was designed to contain everything needed to market and sell the main PLR report.

Each component of this pack makes it easier for you to sell the main report. There certainly is a great flow from one component to the next. For example...

A Hypothetical Scenario
First, you spend some time working on the main PLR report (the 28 page Report). I'm assuming that since you're buying a PLR report, it's because you where looking for a starting point to work from. If you didn't want to make any changes to it, then you might as well have bought a Resell Rights product.

But, since you bought a PLR product, it means that you either want to rebrand the report, improve the report or use it as a starting point to create something new. So, the first step is getting the product ready for sale.

Once the product is ready, you focus on marketing (and selling) the product.

You start a blog on branding using the 5 PLR blog posts and the 5 PLR articles. Your blog promotes the free report (the 9 page report) that you're giving away. In order to get the free report, visitors have to subscribe to your list.

You use the squeeze page to get visitors to join your mailing list. Once they join your list, you build a relationship by sending them informative emails. You already have 5 follow up emails to work with.

Now that your readers know who you are, you let them know about the main report you're selling. You let them know about it, using the promotional email.

The promotional email sends them to the sales page, which details all the reasons why someone would want to buy the report.

Some buy the report. Then what? Is that the end?

Well, you still have that blog... as well as a list of subscribers. So, why not use the list of affiliate program recommendations to find some good, relevant products to promote to your list and on your blog. If you're lacking content for your email list or blog and you don't want to write it from scratch, you could always buy related PLR content from various PLR content providers.

Okay, that's end the hypothetical scenario of how you can use the various components of the PLR pack to help you make money.

If you're interested in this Business Branding PLR pack, you can buy this PLR pack from Special Report Club

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