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The Pointlessness of Free PLR and MRR Downloads

For the last few weeks this blog has taken a break so that I could spend some time building up the free PLR and MRR eBooks blog, Freeinfoflood. But, while spending all that time there, I started to wonder what was the point. What was the point of Free PLR and MRR products?

The Blogging Process
The blogging process for the normal free downloads post on Freeinfoflood was quite simple. All I did was provide some details for each of the downloads, such as:
  • Whether the free download was licensed under a PLR license or a MRR license
  • Whether any extras were included, like eCover graphics, Sales Pages, Promo material
  • What topics were covered in the eBook, or the chapter titles
So basically, it was pretty straight forward... and completely mundane. To say that I was bored would be a severe understatement.

The Realisation that emerged from the Blogging Process
Eventually I got so bored, that I started adding new posts less frequently. It just didn't feel like a blog. It lacked something. There was no comment or opinion or interesting points... just details. That's it.

Perhaps it would be better as a site than a blog. Either way, I lost interest in blogging about the free downloads.

Maybe if I went beyond just giving details, I wouldn't have gotten bored so quickly. But, after a quick glance at the downloads, particularly the free MRR downloads, it just didn't seem worth the time it would take to provide a somewhat decent comment.

I'm going to be blunt here. There's a lot of weak PLR and MRR products out there. Most of them seem rushed. Which begs the question, "Why would I want to spend a lot of time commenting on them?"

Yes, there are some decent PLR and MRR products... and some of them may even have a license that allows them to be given away for free as a PLR or MRR product (rare, but possible). But, that doesn't change the fact that there's a lot of weak PLR and MRR products out there.

Besides, I suspect most people who are looking for free PLR or MRR downloads aren't interested in commentary or opinions. They most likely just want the basic details and the download link. So, even if I did provide some commentary, it would most likely go ignored.

In other words, there didn't seem like much of a point to providing commentary.

The Value of a Weak Free PLR or MRR download
But, if a free PLR or MRR download is so weak that you wouldn't even spend some time to comment on it, what is the value of using it in your online business?

A weak MRR product is a whole lot more annoying than a weak PLR product.

At least with a weak PLR product, there may be a very small part of it that's useful (unlikely, but possible) and you can use that part of it. I don't really know why you'd want to use a weak PLR product in the first place, but let's leave that for the moment.

But, with a MRR product, it's a package deal. You have to either use the whole thing, or none of it. You can't change a MRR product, so the only choice you have, is whether to use it or not.

Since a MRR product can't be changed by the person using the MRR product, doesn't it make sense that they would only use decent MRR products and avoid using weak MRR products? Seems logical. Then, why are there so many weak MRR products? Who's it for and who's benefiting from it?

One thing is clear, there isn't much point to a weak MRR product... even a free one.

Decent Free PLR and MRR products?
Given my lack of motivation and the Freeinfoflood blog lacking purpose, it made me wonder whether I should keep things going on that blog as they currently are?

I thought about it for a while, trying to find a way to blog about (and give away) free PLR and MRR products in such a way, that wouldn't be completely boring for me, while still benefiting the reader.

If you went to the Freeinfoflood blog right now, you'd notice how infrequent the posting has been... as well as how big the gaps are between posts. You can take that as a sign that I haven't found an answer yet.

Then again, there is one possibility that I can think of. I could choose to only blog about the free downloads that I think are worth talking about. Sure, it would mean that posting on the blog would be less frequent, but at least i wouldn't get bored so quickly.

But then, there's a question of sustainability. How likely is it that I can consistently find decent PLR or MRR downloads that have licenses that allow me give them away as PLR or MRR products?

Value of the Download vs The License
If a PLR or MRR product was a decent one (maybe even a great one), I wouldn't expect the license to allow PLR or MRR to be given away for free as that would reduce the value (as a PLR or MRR product).

Think about it. If you created a great PLR product, it would make more sense to sell it as Non Transferable PLR instead of Transferable PLR. The less people that have PLR to it, the more useful to all the holders of that PLR product. And, it also ensures that you're the only seller of that PLR product.

As far as MRR products go, I've mentioned before about how little value I place on reselling a MRR product as a MRR product. I'm convinced that a Resell Rights license is more valuable than a MRR license.

The one benefit of a MRR product, is that it can get around easily. In other words, the product creator gains the most from a MRR product in the form of exposure. For the person trying to resell a MRR product, they have to deal with a lot of competition selling the exact same product and at varying prices.

Anyway, here's my point. There's little point in selling a PLR or MRR product, if it can be given away for free, as a PLR or MRR product. Both the product creator and the resellers make less money.

So, if you created a decent PLR or MRR product, why would you license it under a license that allows both the product and the license to be given away for free?

Free but Weak PLR and MRR Downloads More likely
I'm not saying that you can't find some decent free PLR or MRR products. But, what I am saying is that it's rare.

The only reason that I can think of, for someone to create a decent Product and then license it under a MRR license that allows MRR to be passed on to others for free, is as a marketing strategy by the product creator.

But even if you do manage to find a decent free MRR product, why would you want to sell it? You can't add any value to it, because you can't make any changes to the product. And, since you got it for free, others could also get it for free. So, why would you want to sell it?

What about PLR? Well, you can actually get some free high quality PLR content. PLR Content providers often give away PLR content as part of their marketing strategy. For example, to introduce potential customers to their content. As samples, to give people an idea of the quality to expect from them. To build their email list etc.

But, that free high quality PLR content is often licensed under a non transferable PLR license by the PLR content provider. So, the only place where you can get that free PLR content, is directly from that PLR content provider. So again, it's more likely to find high quality PLR content under a Non Transferable PLR license, than under a Transferable PLR license.

The Cause of the Pointlessness
I'd say that the thing that causes the pointlessness of a free PLR or MRR product, is that others are able to pass on those rights for free. In other words, a PLR product licensed under a Transferable PLR license, where the holder can pass on PLR for free. Or, a MRR product where the holder can pass on MRR products for free.

On a side note. Since all this was sparked while posting on the Freeinfoflood blog... what does all this mean for the future of Freeinfoflood as a Free PLR and MRR downloads blog? I don't really know. I guess you'll have to wait and see.

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