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The Most Extreme Case of Limited Edition Private Label Rights

One of the reasons why people buy limited edition PLR, is because they want to use PLR content that not many others have. Makes sense. The less people using the same PLR as you, the less work it takes to make a unique version of the content.

So then, how limited would the PLR content have to be for it to be worth it? I don't know... I suppose it has more to do with a limit that you're comfortable with.

The Highest Limited Edition PLR
That said, the highest limit for limited edition PLR content that I have seen, outside of a PLR Content membership, was 250. 

Now, it may seem like a pretty high number, but think of it this way. At most, only 249 other people will be using the same PLR content as you. 

If the limited edition PLR content is of a really high quality and on an in-demand topic, I'm sure that it would sell more than 250 times, if it wasn't limited. 

So, I do think that, despite 250 seeming like a high number, it is a legitimate limit for limited edition PLR content.

Taking Demand Into Account
 When it comes to limited edition PLR, the more limited, the better. But, what about those cases where the limit is high, like 250?

Well, in those cases, you have may have to look at it from the demand side to make sense of the limit. If the topic is really popular and the PLR Content Provider puts together a truly awesome PLR content pack that loads of people want, then a limit of 250 seems reasonable for limited edition PLR.

The best example that I can think of, where 250 is a very reasonable limit for limited edition PLR, would probably be PLR Content membership sites where membership is limited to 250.

For example, Yummy PLR has a PLR Content Membership site where membership is limited to 250 people. 

There is only one example that I can think of, for a PLR Content Membership site that has a limit above 250, which is PLR Me. PLR Me has a membership limit of 500 for it's PLR Content Membership sites. 

However, PLR Me creates some serious high quality PLR content. So I think that, despite the high number, in their case it's actually reasonable. Their PLR content is really that good

The Lowest Limit
Okay, so 250 was the highest limit I've seen for limited edition PLR... but what's the lowest?

Well, unless a few days ago, I would have said 50. Just in case you don't think this is special, the most common limit for limited edition PLR content is somewhere between 75 and 150, with most being either 100 or 150. So yes, a limit of 50 is awesome. 

But recently I saw a limited edition PLR content deal from All Star PLR, where certain PLR content packs (part of their Fresh FB Content deal) were limited to just 10. 

Ten. That's it. Just you and 9 other people. It doesn't get any more limited than that in PLR content. 

This is definitely the most extreme (and very rare) case of limited edition PLR content that I've ever seen.

Just in case you're wondering who sells limited edition PLR, where PLR is limited to only 50, that would be All Star PLR.

Normal Extremes and Extreme Extremes
So, I guess you could think of the normal extremes of limited edition PLR content as 50 on the low side, and 250 on the high side. But, the extreme extreme side... in other words, accounting for those rare instances, the low side would be 10 and the high side 500.

It's far more common to see limited edition PLR Content that's limited to 75, 100 and 150.

Sidenote, if you're looking for more Limited Edition PLR Content Providers, you can find a list of them on the PLR Content Providers page, including what their limit is and what niches they have PLR content on.

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