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Rethinking the Free PLR Content Finding Service

A while back I started a Free PLR Content finding service on this blog. After some thought, I've decided that it was time to make some changes to the free service.

I started this free service with the hope of helping those looking for specific PLR content, find what they were looking for.

The Original (and now old) Free Service for Finding PLR Content
The service was simple. All you had to do was email me, letting me know what you're looking for, and then I would spend time looking around and visiting the sites of various PLR content providers. Then I'd sent you an email detailing what I managed to find.

In other words, it was just between me and you. Whatever findings I would send you, was intended for you based on your request. There was nothing generic about this service. You had my complete attention.

As part of the free service, I requested that if you do buy any of the PLR content that I found for you, that you'd do so through my affiliate link. Initially the free service made sense. I'd earn a commission on successful findings and you'd save time and effort looking for the content yourself.

But, when I started this service, one thing that I didn't account for, was just how unbelievably time consuming certain PLR content requests would be. At one stage I spend over 5 hours working on a single request. I'm all for helping you... but 5 hours? That's a bit much.

Needless to say, I've found out that this free service wasn't worth the time. There's a limit to how many hours I can allocate to this service and it's not very profitable.

So, should I stop this free service? No. But, I am going to change my approach to this free service.

The New Free PLR Content Finding Service
The main difference between the old version of the service and the new version is that from now on, I'm going to reply to the request, in the form of a blog post.

Sure, I may send you the reply before I post it... but the main point is that I'll turn that request into a blog post.

Why? Well, for one, more people will be able to benefit from it. Before, only you would receive my findings for your request. But, what if there are others who are also looking for what you're looking for?

So, by putting it in a blog post, more people can benefit. And who knows, it may even get a conversation started.

This way, even if I spend hours doing research, it will still be worth it, because more than 1 person will benefit from it.

Although I should point out, it may take longer for me to reply. Other that that, everything else should be the same as it was under the old free service.

2 Options to the new service
Since I'm using your request as the basis for a blog post, you can either
  • choose to remain anonymous 
  • or I can mention you name (just your first name... unless you want your surname as well) as well as include a link to your site or blog
So, please note that if you do make a request for me to help you find specific PLR, it'll end up on a blog post.

The End... of this post

Okay, that's all I wanted to say on the new Free PLR Content Finding Service, so you can stop reading... now. That really was the end of the post.

But if you're curious (I don't really know why you would be... but if you are) as to how the old Free Service ran, here's the details as it once appeared (it's gone now) one the Free Services page. 

Again, the details below is for the old Free PLR Content Finding Service. 

Current Time Status: RED

The Free Service
I've decided to provide you with a free service, where I try to help you find the PLR content that you're looking for. You can read up all about it and why I've decided to do this, over here.

It's quite simple. You let me know what type of PLR content you're looking for, I'll have a look around and then let you know if I find any related PLR content.

This means that you save yourself the time and effort of having to visit multiple PLR content providers to find related PLR content... and all you had to do, is just ask me. Best part is, I'll do it for free.

You are my client
Since I'm providing a service (even though it's a free service), think of yourself as my client. So, you can make as many PLR content search requests as you want.

My Request
As I've stated, I'm doing this for free. The only request that I have is that if you do end up buying any of the related PLR content that I told you about, that you buy it through my affiliate link. On that note, assume that all links within my email reply are affiliate links. So, always use your discretion before buying anything.

As far as the affiliate links go... the PLR content that you buy says the normal price. It just means that I'll earn a commission.

You don't have to buy through my affiliate link, but I'd appreciate it if you do (this blog makes it's money through affiliate income). Basically, you pay nothing extra, but I'll still earn something which will help me keep this free service, as well as this blog, going.

Please Be Serious
Please, only make a request if you're really looking for that type of PLR content. Searching and preparing a reply for even the simplest PLR content request could easily take up more than an hour of my time. If the niche is a less popular topic in PLR, I could easily spend hours looking for content.

Now, I don't mind spending this time to help you find the PLR content you're looking for. But, because (on average) this is not very profitable for me, there's a limit on how much time I'm prepared to allocate to this free service.

There's only so much time that I can dedicate to this free service. And, the best way to use that little time is to focus on those who are seriously looking for PLR content.

How it works
Okay, so how do it work? Well, simply email me over here and tell me what type of PLR content you're looking for. Then, I'll try to find PLR content that matches what you're looking for and let you know about it, via email.

Email me over here:

I've created an email account specifically for this free service. Email your requests to the above email address, because I'll check it more frequently than the email address on the Contact page (See, I'm serious about thinking of you as my client).

After you send your fist email to me, I'll consider you as my client from then on (at least until you are no longer interested in receiving these types of emails). So, after your first email using this email address, whenever you want to email me, you can use that email address (instead of the one on the Contact page).

Important Note: White list the email address!
After I ran a test email, mentioning words typical of a PLR content search request reply, I noticed that the email landed in the spam folder. 

So basically, there's a high probability that the reply email I send you, will erroneously end up in your spam folder

Make sure you check your spam folder after you send me the first email. 

If you've sent me an email and it seems like I'm taking forever to reply... it may be that I did reply, but the email landed in your spam folder. 

I'll use that same email address to reply to you. Every email you receive from that email address, will be from me. So, when you email me, you have my genuine attention. I'll try my best to help you and if I'm unable to, I'll reply stating that I was unable to. In other words, expect a reply from me.

Just to make the point clear... every email that I send you, I send personally... there is nothing automated about it. If I send you an email, it means I specifically wanted you to receive that email. You are an individual... and deserve to be treated as an individual.

When we email each other, think of it as a conversation. So, expect the tone of the emails to be informal and relaxed. If it seems formal... then it's unintentional. I want it to be like an informal conversation. Which means, you can also email me any questions,  or make comments or share your PLR related thoughts.

Response Time
I'll read every email and I'll try my best to respond as soon as I can. That said, there will be times when I'm extremely busy and it may take a while before I can reply. So, what I'm going to do, is let you know on this page, via my current time status.

That way, you'll know whether it will take a while before I'm able to reply or not. You can still send the emails whenever you want, regardless of my time status. The time status is just there to let you know whether you shouldn't expect a reply soon or not.

The Current Time Status appears at the top of this page and whenever the status get's updated, it will be updated on this page.

Current Time Status: RED

Basically, it's as follows:

GREEN - It means I have a fair bit of time available, so expect a fairly quick response (a few days)

YELLOW - It means I'm fairly busy, and only I a bit of time available for this, so expect a delayed reply (more than a few days)

RED - It means I'm very busy, so don't expect a reply any time soon (? days)

These are just guidelines... it may take quicker to reply, it may take longer. Sometimes it may take a while before I can respond, so please be patient.

Basically, when I'm searching for related content, I have to visit and scan each PLR content provider site individually... which as you know, is a very time consuming task. And, the time that I can dedicate to this free service is limited. Still, I'll try my best to reply within a reasonable time.

Although, most PLR content providers only supply PLR content for niches that they feel has a high enough demand to justify supplying PLR content for that niche.

So, there's a possibility that there is no PLR content for the niche you're looking for. There's also the possibility that it does exist... but it's just that was unable to find it... which is a big possibility since there's a limit to how many PLR content providers I keep track of. Or, I may have missed it, due to timing issues.

Furthermore, the PLR content that I point you to, will in no way to an exhaustive list. My aim is to find PLR content that matches or relates to what you're looking for. It's not to find every single piece of related PLR content that's available from every possible PLR content provider.

Also, never assume that because I couldn't find it, that the PLR content doesn't exist. I may have missed it or it may have been on a PLR content provider's site that I didn't check.

So, think of me as helping you find the PLR content or pointing out some that may interest you. But, it doesn't mean that I'll definitely be able to find the exact PLR content that you're looking for. Still, I'm providing this free service because I want to, so I'll try my best to help you out.

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