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Why Duplicate Content Is Not an Issue for PLR Content

Is duplicate content something you should worry about, when using PLR content?

Hmm... well, let's think about it for a moment.

As you know, the reason why it's possible to get high quality content for a low price when buying PLR content, is because the same content is sold to multiple people. In other words, the cost of creating that content is shared.

But, if the same content you just bought, is also being sold to other people... won't that lead to duplicate content issues?

Well, since PLR content is allowed to be edited, added to and changed, for those that modify the content... duplicate content is not an issue at all, because they've reworked the content to create their own version. So, if you only use the PLR content as a starting point... you have nothing to worry about.

But, what if you only make minor changes to the PLR content before using it? Or, what if you use the content as is... without making any changes... will duplicate content then be an issue?

Okay, let's say you don't feel like making any changes and use the content as is, on your blog or website. What are the potential issues relating from duplicate content?

I suppose one potential issue could be, that your reader may read the same content somewhere else. Unlikely, sure... but still possible. Another potential issue could be with how the duplicate content is treated by search engines.

Let's look at each potential issue...

Does your Reader Care if the Content Can be Found Elsewhere?
So, if people read PLR content, and the content was informative and they enjoyed reading it, do you think the reader cares that it was PLR content? No. Do you really think that it matters to the reader that similar versions of the content may appear on other blogs? I doubt it.

Think about how many news websites cover the same story. Think about how many bloggers blog about very similar topics. Think about how much content is syndicated all over the internet.

And, if you're worried about the reader reading the same thing somewhere else, I'd like to remind you that you're allowed to edit, add to and change PLR content. That's kind of what makes PLR content... PLR content.

Google won't punish you for it
Perhaps you're nervous about using PLR content on your blog or site because you fear Google might punish your site or blog in some way. But, this is actually not an issue. The duplicate content issue is actually about the same content appearing on the same site... not on different sites.

Ronnie Nijmeh from PLR Me, one of the best PLR Content Providers out there, wrote an awesome blog post on this as well and does a much better job of explaining it clearly than I could. You can read the blog post over here.

Post: Does Using PLR lead to Google Slaps?

Think about how many sites syndicate content, word for word... or with very little changes. And, at least with PLR content, you're allowed to add to, edit and change the content.

So, as far as the fear of PLR content being duplicate content goes... it's not an issue.

Why would people make use of syndicated content? Well, hopefully because the content is worth being shared. Hopefully, because the content will be useful to the reader.

So, when you use PLR content, I don't think your focus should be on "how do I get this content to be unique." No, I think your first priority should be on making sure you're providing your reader with something worth reading. In other words, your focus should be on providing quality content.

If you give your reader content that they truly enjoyed reading, do you really think they'll care that the same or similar version of the content can be found elsewhere? No.

Focus on making your readers happy before making Google happy. Your readers should be your priority, not Google.

If you're really, really worried about having duplicate content on your site, even though I just told you it's not an issue and even though you read the awesome blog post (Does Using PLR lead to Google Slaps?)... if you're still worried, then just make changes and add to the content, before you put it on your site. Or, just use it in ways where search engines aren't involved, such as content for newsletter for your email subscribers or a free eBook for your readers.

When Duplicate Content may be an Issue...
Where a reader may have an issue, is if you charged the reader for the content, where the exact same content can be found for free. So, if you are planning on using PLR content to assist in your product creation... which will eventually be sold, it's a good idea to only use the PLR content as a starting point.

Okay, it's probably always a good idea to use PLR content as a starting point... but I think it's especially important if you're going to charge for it.

If you're charging for it, then your focus should definitely go above just ensuring you're providing something of value. Your focus should be on adding even more value to the content. Let the end product that you're going to charge for, have way more value than what you started with.

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