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The Impact on Quality of Content by a PLR License

Throughout this entire post, I'm going to emphasis just one point. If you get the point, then there's no need to read further. Okay, ready? A PLR license doesn't have any impact on the quality of the actual content. There. That's it.

Okay, let me go on about this a little bit more...

The fact that PLR content is licensed under a Private Label Rights license, doesn't impact the quality of the content. It may impact how you use the content, sure, but it doesn't impact the quality. The quality of the content is something that you determine after you've actually read the content.

So, why am I making this point? Well, some people seem to have this wild idea that PLR content is poor quality content. Again, just because the content is licensed under a Private Label Rights license, doesn't mean that the quality of the content goes down.

I'll say it again, the PLR license may impact on how you use the content, but does impact on the quality.

You can read a great blog post by Ronnie Nijmeh (PLR Me) on what makes content High Quality content. Read the post over here.

Post: The Keys to the Publishing Kingdom: 3 Questions You Must Get Right

Okay, so are you happy that a PLR license doesn't actually impact on the quality of the content?

I'm assuming the answer is yes. I kind of have to assume this... because I can't exactly hear you.

What if the answer is no?

Hmm... okay, hears a simple experiment that you can do to prove this point to yourself.

A Simple Experiment to Prove that a PLR license doesn't impact Quality of Content
Find some PLR Content. If you don't have any, you can download some high quality PLR content created by PLR Me.

I think that PLR Me is one of the best PLR Content Providers out there and I know that they have really high quality standards when it comes to their content. When I think of High Quality PLR content, PLR Me is one of the first PLR Content Providers that come to mind.

PLR Me has 2 free High Quality PLR Content packs:
Okay, once you have the PLR content. Read the content and then ask yourself, whether you could tell, just by reading it, whether it was PLR content or not.

The answer will be "NO" and I'm saying that with confidence. Why? Because the fact that it's PLR content doesn't affect how the content was written or how the content was structured or what words were used. In other words, there's no indicators within the content that makes PLR content, PLR content.

What Makes PLR Content, PLR Content?
PLR content is content that has been licensed under a PLR license by the Creator of that content. That PLR license allows the person buying that PLR content, to be able to use and benefit from that content. The license will also state what the buyer of that PLR content, is allowed and not allowed to do with that content.

You can't tell, just by reading content for the first time, whether it's PLR content or not, because the PLR license doesn't affect the quality of the content.

If the content is high quality content or poorly written or researched, then it's because of the people involved in creating that content. The fact that it's licensed under a PLR license doesn't affect the quality of the content.

Yes, there's some really low quality PLR content out there. But, there's also some really high quality PLR content out there as well. The same can be said for ghost written content as well. It's a serious flaw in logic to think that all PLR content is low quality PLR content. High quality PLR content really does exist.

If you read an article, and you didn't know before the time whether it was PLR content, or based on PLR content, could you really tell me if it was or wasn't PLR content?

The answer? I'm going to stick with the same answer as earlier and say with confidence "NO."

There is no reason why your expectations, when it comes to the level of quality of content, should be any different between PLR content and ghost written content. It's not the level of quality that distinguishes PLR content from ghost written content.

What makes PLR content, PLR content, and ghost written content, ghost written content, has nothing to do with the quality of the content... it's to do with the rights that the buyer of the content gets.

An Experiment on this Blog: Can you Tell It's PLR Content?
Every now and then I'll create blog posts using PLR content. Then, at the end of the blog post, I'll let you know that the blog post was based on PLR content.

So, what's the point of this PLR experiment?

Well, there's probably quite a few points that could be made from this PLR experiment, but the point that is probably most relevant here would be:

to prove that just because content is PLR content (or based on PLR content), the quality of the content is not affected by the PLR license...

To put it another way, after you've read the content, you'll realise that as a reader, you're not concerned with whether the content you're reading is PLR content or not. As a reader, what you're interested in is, is whatever you're reading worth your time.

As a reader, you don't see what you're reading as PLR content... you just see it as content.

Whether the PLR content was high quality, average or weak will have nothing to do with it being PLR content. It has more to do with where and what type of PLR content you chose to buy.

If you buy weak quality PLR content and use it, then that is your choice. The content was not weak because it was licensed under a PLR license. No, it was weak because the content itself was weak content... for whatever reasons normally makes content, weak content. If you want high quality PLR content, then buy high quality PLR content. It's as simple as that.

There are a lot of PLR content providers who go to great lengths to ensure they produce high quality content for there customers. So, if you want content that your readers will love and that is licensed under a PLR license, then just buy PLR content that your readers will love.

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