Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Free Master Resell Rights Downloads are Moving

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought about giving more attention to the free MRR downloads on this blog. But, I've changed my mind.

After I created a few free MRR eBook downloads posts, I realised that there would end up being far too many posts on free MRR downloads. Having a lot of posts related to free MRR downloads would effectively take away attention from the core posts... those on PLR related updates, insights, analysis, content lists, experiments and resources.

PLR Insight will still talk about free PLR downloads, but it's more about free downloads from PLR content providers.

Instead of putting each free MRR download on it's own separate blog post here on PLR Insight, I've decided to move it over to Freeinfoflood. In other words, Freeinfoflood will contain all the details for each free download... as well as the download links.

So, Freeinfoflood will focus on free PLR and MRR downloads and PLR Insight will focus on PLR content related updates, analysis, resources, insights etc.

I think that it makes more sense to separate the PLR discussion aspect from the free downloads aspect. So, for free downloads (PLR and MRR), go to Freeinfoflood. For PLR content related updates and discussions, go to PLR Insight.

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