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PLR News and Updates for January 2013 Week 1

Since I missed out on telling you about a lot of PLR content news during December, I thought it would be a good idea to start off this year on a good note and tell you about some PLR content news for the first week of the 2013 year.

But before I can move on with 2013, I figure I should at least wrap up 2012. So, in this post, I'm going to start off by telling you about all the PLR related news and updates I should have told you about December 2012... but didn't. Don't worry, I'll summarize it.

Ready? Here goes...

During December 2012 a lot of PLR content providers ran specials and year end discounts. Too bad the discounts and specials have already ended. Um... what else? I think some new PLR content packs was also released. But then again, that happens every month. The focus is definitely on all the massive discounts and specials. Hmm... okay, end of summary.

Now that 2012 is behind us, let's move on.

What's Going on With PLR Insight?
I'll admit December 2012 wasn't a very active month (PLR news wise) for this blog. I used most of December 2012 to focus on some admin stuff as well as focus on launching PLR Insight's Free Content Finding Service.

Does that mean January 2013 will be smooth sailing? Uh... no. January 2013 may be another rocky month for the PLR Insight blog because I want to spend some time building up PLR Insight's Resell Rights Store... I'll give you more info on the Resell Rights Store in a later post.

I also want to spend some time building up Freeinfoflood into a solid free PLR and MRR eBook download blog. So, instead of providing the details for free PLR and MRR eBooks here, all of that will happen on Freeinfoflood.

But currently, there's a lot of problems with Freeinfoflood, and it's going to take time to fix it. Which means even less time for PLR Insight during January.

PLR Content Related News and Updates
Okay, before I jump right in on the PLR content news I should have told you about weeks ago, I want so start by telling you about January 2013 news. Yes, it's only the first week of January... but a lot has happened in this week. This is news worth taking note of.
  • Special Report Club has decided to limit the number of licenses available for their PLR packs sold outside of their Premium membership, starting with their Business Planning for the Online Business Owner PLR Package. This package is limited to 175 licenses. 
  • Net PLR has a 2013 Mega PLR Clearout Sale where you can save between 70% and 80% on Electronics, Health and Toy related PLR Content. But, this sale is only available until 7 January 2013. After 7 January, these Mega packs will be removed for good... so you may want to act fast on this one. Click here to go to the 2013 Mega PLR Clearout Sale.
  • Business Content PLR had a flash sale on 2 January 2013 that lasted for 4 hours, where you could get their awesome PLR content at a 50% discount. Yes, I know... this bit of info doesn't exactly help you out now that the sale is over. But, at least you know. 
I was thinking about telling you about all of the PLR related news that took place during December 2012 in more detail... but it seems somewhat pointless. A lot of the news related to discounts and year end specials that have already expired. Oh well.

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