Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Problem with the Promised Free PLR Downloads

What I'm about to tell you is somewhat disappointing news... so please prepare yourself emotionally. Take a few deep breathes... ready?

Okay, as you know, I promised that I'd add loads of free PLR downloads as part of PLR Insight's Christmas gift to you. But, after I checked all of the PLR licenses of the PLR products I planned to give you... all of them had licenses that didn't allow me to give them away.

As you know, all of the free downloads that I give away on PLR Insight, are downloads that I got as a Gold (paid) member of Resell Rights Weekly. I do not create PLR products. So, I can only give away PLR downloads that has a PLR license that allows me to give them away.

There were some of the PLR downloads that did allow me to give them away... but only Personal Use rights, not Private Label Rights.

So, it doesn't look like you'll be getting a low of free PLR downloads this month. It sucks, I know... but this was totally unexpected.

I apologize. I should have first checked out the downloads in detail before I promised them. Oh well... I'm human. I make mistakes. Let's move on...

So, instead of free PLR downloads, I'm going to look into the recent MRR downloads and see if I can find MRR downloads that have licenses that allow me to give them away. In which case, you'll be getting loads of free MRR downloads as your Christmas present.

I was supposed to start posting the free downloads as of today... but as you know, the plan has changed. So, there's going to be a little bit of a delay in getting the free downloads to you.

But, to make up for this delay, instead of posting one download at a time, I'm going to put all of them on a single post. I've made you wait long enough. Christmas is getting closer and closer and I want to make sure that you get these gifts before then.

If I do happen to find some PLR downloads that have licenses that allow me to give them away, then I'll add those as well. But, I wouldn't count on it if I were you.

Still, MRR downloads aren't all that bad. Who knows, you may even find a few free MRR downloads that you actually really like.

Update: Your Christmas Gifts (i.e. The free MRR downloads) can be found over here

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