Monday, 17 December 2012

New Free PLR Downloads Available Sooner than Expected

As part of PLR Insight's Christmas gift to you, I decided to add loads of free PLR downloads this month.

In the previous post I mentioned that I'd first provide more details on the existing free PLR download (the free PLR downloads that's already available for download) before I add the new free PLR downloads.

However, I changed my mind. I'm just going to start posting the new free PLR downloads right away. I'll provide the details on the existing free PLR downloads at a later stage. But, with Christmas so close, I think it's better if I post the new free PLR downloads as soon as possible.

So as of Wednesday 19 December 2012, I'll start posting the new free PLR downloads. 

Please note, when I say new free PLR downloads... I mean PLR downloads that hasn't been posted on this blog yet. In other words, new to this blog. I get the downloads that I make freely available here, as a Gold member of Resell Rights Weekly. So, if you're already a Gold member, then the downloads won't be new to you.

If you want to download the free PLR downloads that's currently available, then you can do so over on the 3 Years Worth of free PLR and MRR downloads post. So far I've only provided details for 2 of the free PLR downloads... The Business Builder's Formula (free PLR eBook) and Dynamic Six Pack Abs (free PLR eBook).

Like I said, eventually I'll provide more detail for the older free PLR downloads. But, that's not as important right now as getting out more free PLR downloads.

So, expect the new free PLR downloads to start rolling in as of this Wednesday...

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