Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Christmas Gift to You

Since it is the festive season and Christmas is like around the corner... down the street and 2 blocks away, I figure I should me in a giving mood as well.

So, for this month, PLR Insight will focus on giving away free PLR downloads.

Awesome right?

But, before I get to the new PLR downloads, I'm first going to be giving more detail about the free PLR downloads mentioned here.

As soon as that's done, I'll add new free PLR downloads.

Where Do I get the Downloads from?
All of the free PLR downloads that I'm going to be giving away, are PLR products that I downloaded as a Gold (Paid) member of Resell Rights Weekly. So, if you're already a paid member of Resell Rights Weekly, then you already have access to the downloads that I'm going to give away.

I can only give away PLR products that actually have a PLR license that allows me to give the product away. So, if you want to download even more PLR products, then you're going to have to become a Gold member (i.e. upgrade from free to paid membership) of Resell Rights Weekly.

What to Expect?
Anyway, expect to be able to download loads of PLR products this month, absolutely free.

So, what do you get? loads of Free PLR downloads

What do I get? Hmm, I get the gift of giving... and the chance to put loads of affiliate adverts around the download links. Hey, I need to make money to keep this blog going. It may be the season of giving... but it's also a season of getting.

But, I'll restrict the ads that are displayed to only a few, useful, positive and high quality products that gives you more value (what you receive) than what you pay (what you're giving).

So far, these are the products that will be promoted on the free PLR download posts:
Live Off Your Passion
Start a Blog that Matters

Maybe I'll promote one more awesome product...

As I already said, the downloads are completely free. There's nothing to sign up for. There's nothing that you have to do to get the downloads. Simply click on the "download button" that appears on each free PLR download post, to start downloading.

You can find all of the free PLR downloads on the Free Downloads section of this blog

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