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Why Personal PLR Content is the Best PLR to Use

Before I get into why PLR content is the best type of PLR content that you could use, let's first look at what Personal PLR Content is.

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Personal PLR Content Explained
Personal PLR content is PLR content that has a PLR license that does not allow the buyer to pass on Private Label Rights on to others. In other words, the buyer cannot sell the PLR content or give away the PLR content, as PLR content.

So, the only way for someone else to get PLR to that content, is to buy it directly from the source (the person or site that created that PLR content). I tend to refer to originating source of the PLR content as PLR content providers.

These PLR content providers tend to either sell multiple pieces of PLR content or they have a PLR content membership site.

When I talk about personal PLR content, I'm referring to PLR content where the PLR content provider placed a personal PLR license over the content. I'm not referring to resellers of PLR content or someone who took unrestricted PLR content and resold it under a more restrictive PLR license.

There are some PLR content providers that sells special PLR content for Resellers, like All Resell Content and All Star PLR (who sells limited edition reseller packs).

The personal PLR content that I'm talking about, is personal PLR content that you can only get directly from the PLR content provider.

If you want to know more about PLR content providers that sell personal PLR content, you can download the free resource, The PLR Buyer's Guide.

Why Personal PLR content is the best
If you buy personal PLR content, the only way that someone else could get the same PLR content as you, is to buy it from the same place as you.

Why is this a good thing? Well, think of the alternative. If PLR could be passed on to others by everyone who bought the PLR content, the PLR content would be available in more places. More sellers will lead to more buyers. If you're going to use PLR content, I'd say the less people that are using the same PLR content as you, the better for you.

Basically, I think that you'll have less competition by using Personal PLR content than if you used PLR content where PLR could b passed on.

The less people using the same PLR content as you, the less changes you'd need to make, to create your own unique version of the content. Now, I'm not saying that you should only make enough changes to get the content unique. What I am saying is that, if you only wanted to get to a point where you have a unique version, it would take less changes.

Personally, I think you should be less concerned about how unique your version of the content is, and more focused on providing value. That being said, it still makes more sense to use personal PLR content over unresticted PLR content or PLR content that allows PLR to be transferred.

Other Benefits of Personal PLR Content
Even if you ignore the "less competition" point, there are other points that make personal PLR content better.

For example, if you're buying directly from the PLR content provider who created the content, it's easier to know what quality to expect.

Not only that, but if there is something wrong with the content or you have any queries, you know exactly who to contact.

It would be a lot more difficult if you're buying from someone who is reselling content.

Personal PLR content doesn't just benefit the buyer. The seller also benefits because they don't have to compete with anyone else over their own content. Think about it. If buyers were allowed to resell the content as PLR content, every buyer would be potential competition for the PLR content provider.

But, is there anything better than personal PLR content? Yes... personal PLR content where the quantity sold is limited. This type of PLR content is often referred to as limited supply PLR content, limited quantity PLR content or Limited Edition PLR content.

As I've already said, the less people using the same PLR content as you, the better for you. With Limited Edition PLR content, you know exactly how many others could have the same PLR content as you.

Personal PLR Content Providers
Below is a short list of some PLR content Providers that sell Limited Edition PLR content. PLR content providers may focus on different niches or different topics within those niches.

So, you may need to visit a few PLR content providers to find the PLR content you're looking for. Anyway, here are a few worth checking out:
These are some PLR content Providers that don't sell limited edition PLR content, but they do sell personal PLR content:
There are also PLR Content Membership sites that provide personal PLR content, like PLR Me and Yummy PLR.

You can find more PLR content providers in The PLR Buyer's Guide.

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