Friday, 9 November 2012

Time is Running Out on the Ultimate PLR Content Bundle Special

Since I promised that I was going to remind you about PLR Me's PLR Content Bundle 80% off discount special, in different ways... in this reminder, I'll use the time factor.

Yes, this is another reminder... only a few hours after the previous one. How many more reminders am I going to do, you ask? Hmm... I don't know. I guess I'll stop on Sunday... not by choice, but because that's when the offer ends.

Hey, time is running out. I just checked the special offer page to see how much time is left. There's a count down timer right at the top of the page... how cool is that. According to the count down timer, there is only 002 days 14 hours 10 minutes 27 se.. no, that's 26 seco... ah... the second timer is moving too fast... just accept that there's a few seconds on there. That's how much time is left until this incredible PLR content deal ends.

When I look at the seconds roll down on the timer, it feels like an episode of 24.

Anyway, the point is, there is a time limit. And, when the time limit is reached... well, the offer ends. Obvious, yes. But, important to emphasize non the less.

I doubt you have ever seen a better PLR content deal from a high quality PLR content membership site, who I think, is one of the best PLR content providers out there.

Here's a quick reminder of what you're getting:

over 800 pieces of high quality content... 
It feels like I'm over using the words "high quality" but if you plan on using PLR content, low quality content won't get you very far. That's why it's so important to find high quality PLR content providers... and PLR Me is definitely a high quality PLR content provider.

in 3 extremely profitable niches...
The content bundle has PLR content in the Self Help, Finance and Weight Loss niches

at an 80% discount...
This is a genuine 80% off the regular price. If you don't act before the time limit is reached... which is now 2 days 17 hours 20 minutes 27 seconds... you'll have to pay full price if you want the content. That 80% discount ends up being a saving of $594... are you really prepared to lose out on such a massive saving?

and you even get bonus graphics...
Need I say more...

You all this, but only if you act before this opportunity ends!
This special Content Bundle discount offer ends on Sunday 11 November 2012, 11:59pm ET.

When it ends, it ends. So, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity right now, before it ends, or you just want to know more about the over 800 pieces of PLR content... follow the link below:

Follow this link to go to page for the PLR content Bundle 80% off discount

Anyway, just in case you missed in, here's the link to the best PLR content deal I've ever seen offered by a PLR content membership site... especially one of such high quality standards. If nothing else, it's at least worth seeing what type of PLR content you could get... PLR Me content packages contains a great mix of PLR content:

Click here to go to the Best PLR Content Special offered by a PLR content membership site

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