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The Most User Friendly Limited Edition PLR Content Provider by Far

Out all of the PLR content providers that I have seen, that sells limited edition PLR content, Easy PLR is by far the best. Sure, there are a lot of other really good PLR content providers that sells limited edition PLR content... I'll give you that, but out of all of them, Easy PLR impresses me the most.

Limited Edition PLR
Okay, before I get into all the reasons why I think Easy PLR is the best limited edition PLR content Provider... let's talk a little about limited edition PLR content.

Now, I am absolutely convinced that out of all the types of PLR content out there, limited edition PLR content is the best to use. Why? Simple. The less people using the same PLR content as you, the better. And, with limited edition PLR content, the PLR content provider limits the amount of times the piece of PLR content is sold.

Limited edition PLR content is also known as limited distribution PLR content, limited quantity PLR content, Limited Supply PLR content... and probably some other names as well. But, the underlying principle is that there is a limit on how many times the content will be sold for.

Here's why I think Easy PLR is the best limited edition PLR content provider...

Easy to Find Available Content
Everything about the layout and design of the site, tells you that Easy PLR is a serious PLR content provider. The layout is clean and easy on the eyes, and navigating your way around the site is simple.

I know it seems like I'm going on to much about the layout of the site... but I think it's actually important, especially for a website selling limited edition PLR content.

Why? Well, limited edition content is only around for as long as it takes for all the licenses to be sold. Which means it's important for the Provider to make it clear which pieces of PLR content is currently available. Furthermore, it should also be easy for you, the buyer, to find what you're looking for.

Now, there isn't a single PLR content provider that provides PLR content for every niche. So, someone looking to buy PLR content will most likely plan to visit a range of PLR content providers. They'll shop around until they find the content they're looking for. Which means you don't want to struggle to find out if a specific PLR content provider has what you're looking for.

If a buyer visits a site (and they plan on visiting other sites), it's in a PLR content providers best interest to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to find what they're looking for. Easy PLR does a brilliant job of showing you exactly what content is available.

All the PLR content that's currently available, is featured on the home page, along with all the important information, such as the title and content type, the price and the number of licenses remaining for that piece of PLR content. If you click on the title, then you'll get taken to a page containing more information on that piece of PLR content.

All the pieces of PLR content is also placed into categories, and there is a list of all the categories in the side bar of the page, which makes it easy to find PLR content by category.

On a side note, Easy PLR provides limited edition PLR content on a wide range of niches. Not only that, they're also constantly adding new PLR. Constantly adding new PLR content, combined with the fact that it's limited edition PLR means that Easy PLR is the place to go to for fresh and relevant PLR content.

Easy PLR sells the following PLR materials: PLR Articles, PLR Reports and PLR eCourses.

Easy PLR has limited edition PLR content in the following niches: Boomer & Aging PLR, Computers & Tech, Family & Parenting PLR, Food PLR, Green PLR, Health PLR, Holiday PLR, House & Home PLR, Internet Marketing PLR, Network Marketing PLR, New PLR, Personal Finance PLR, Real Estate, Self Improvement PLR, Small Business PLR, Success PLR, Travel PLR, Weight Loss PLR, Women's Issues

Since Easy PLR covers so many niches, there's a good chance that Easy PLR has content relevant to your niche, which makes them worth checking out, next time you're on the hunt for quality PLR content. 

Clearly Indicates Remaining Licenses
Limited Edition PLR content providers should also make it clear how many licenses of each pack of PLR content will be sold. I think this is another area that Easy PLR does a remarkable job in.

Some providers just show how many licenses in total are available. Others just show how many are remaining. But, Easy PLR gives you both pieces of information, which I think is incredibly useful information to a buyer of limited edition PLR.

Highlights which PLR Content is on sale and which is almost sold out
Now, I will admit that other limited edition PLR content providers do let you know when packs are running low. Other PLR content providers also let you know which pieces of their PLR content is on sale. However, what impresses me is not that Easy PLR does it, but rather how they do it.

When you land on the Easy PLR homepage, if you move down the page a little, you'll see all of the PLR content that's available. But, the very first 2 sections are reserved for PLR content that's on sale, and PLR content that's running low.

In other words, the first pieces of content that you see, are the packs that you would be interested in first. Wouldn't you be interested to know if a PLR content pack is almost sold out? Wouldn't you want to know which packs are on sale? Of cause you do and Easy PLR makes it absolutely easy to spot.

High Quality Standards
I suspect that the majority of the PLR content providers (that I know of) only has 1 person working on a single piece of PLR content. If I PLR content provider does have multiple people working on a single piece of content, they should definitely let people know somewhere on their website.

If a PLR content provider has multiple people working on a single piece of PLR content, then it lets me know that they are serious about the quality standards of their content.

So, when I find out that a PLR content provider has multiple people working on a single piece of PLR content, then I'm immediately impressed.

Easy PLR has 2 people working on every single piece of PLR content. The first person writes the content and the second person edits and maybe even adds to the content. In other words, you're getting high quality content when you buy from Easy PLR.

High quality, well written PLR content is useful. Low quality and poorly written PLR content is useless and could cause more damage to you than any marginal benefit it may bring. If you want to maximize the benefit that PLR content brings you, only buy and use high quality, well written PLR content.

Easy PLR is a PLR content provider that takes the quality of their content seriously. So, next time you're looking for quality limited edition PLR content, check out Easy PLR.

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