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The Most Professionally Packaged High Quality PLR Content Ever

I have seen a fair number of PLR content providers, and I can say with confidence that PLR Me is definitely one of the best. PLR Me memberships provide professionally packaged and high quality content consistently. Not only that, but their content packages are impressive.

PLR Me is probably the best PLR content membership site out there, especially when it comes to the Self Help and Finance niches.

PLR Me has 2 PLR Content Memberships, the Self Help PLR content membership and the Finance PLR content membership. PLR Me does sell some separate PLR content packages as well, but I'd like to focus on the membership sites.

When you look at what PLR content is available to members of this professional high quality PLR content provider, you'll understand why I consider them to be among the best PLR content providers out there.

The Self Help PLR Content membership
Here's what you get each month, as a member of the Self Help PLR content membership...

  • 20 Computer Wallpapers with Inspirational Quotes and Sayings (in 10 resolutions + a thumbnail image)
  • 30 Inspirational PLR Articles (each article has a minimum of 500 words)
  • 30 Personal Reflections and Positive Affirmations 
  • 5 PDF downloads: checklists, worksheets, reports, handouts, or guides 
  • All eBook covers, graphics and images 

The Finance PLR Content membership
This is what you get as a member of the Finance PLR content membership, each month...

  • 1 Personal Finance report (between 10-20 pages)
  • 10 Personal Finance Articles (each article has a minimum of 500 words) 
  • 10 Action Guides
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation

Okay, now that I've mentioned a little about the memberships, let's get onto why I think PLR Me is one of the best, is not the best, PLR content providers...

High Quality Standards
The content is written by professional writers... but that's not the best part. The best part is that every piece of content goes through 4 people before it's ready. I haven't heard of another PLR content Provider who has such a strong commitment to quality. Seriously, how can you not be impressed by that?

PLR Me takes the quality of their content seriously... no question about it. When you buy content from PLR Me, you know that you're getting top notch high quality content. And, as you know, when it comes to using PLR content, if you want the best results, you have to use high quality PLR content.

You can be confident when you use content from PLR Me, because you know that you're using professional, high quality content.

Professionally Packaged Content
What really impresses me about PLR Me, is that they focus on both the written aspects of the content as well as the visual aspects... how the content is presented.

The majority of PLR content providers, focus only on the written part of the content. There's no problem with that. I mean, that's what people want. But, what catches my attention, is if a PLR content provider also gives some attention to the layout, design... the visual side.

Sure, some may occasionally add a few images here and there, or add some PowerPoint slides but for some reason, a lot of the times, it seems like that was just an afterthought. An afterthought? Well, what I mean is, it seems like the visual aspects wasn't taken seriously... like images are low quality, or the design doesn't look appealing. I mean, if you're going to do a poor job on the visual side... then don't do it at all. Just focus on the content.

The dedication that PLR Me has towards the visual aspects of the content, puts PLR Me on a level way above other PLR content providers.

The way in which their content is packaged and presented, combined with the dedication to produce high quality content, gives me the impression that PLR Me is a professional PLR content Provider.

Final Thoughts
Commitment to quality, attention to detail, providing a wide range of PLR content and material, focus on both written and visual aspects of the content... what more could you ask for. Or rather, can you think of another PLR content provider that's on the same level as PLR Me? I can't. I'm convinced they're in a class of their own.

Everything about PLR Me indicates that they are a top notch PLR content provider, that brings a whole new level of professionalism to PLR content. It's no wonder I consider PLR Me one of the best PLR content providers out there.

Best PLR Content Bundle Discount Offer I've ever Seen!
PLR Me is also responsible for running the best PLR content special I have ever seen.

As part of Ronnie Nijmeh's (the man behind PLR Me) birthday celebration (it's he's birthday today), he's offering an incredible PLR content opportunity, but only until Sunday 11 Novrmber 2012 at 11:59pm ET.

You get over 800 pieces of PLR content at 80% discount. Which means, you get incredibly high quality PLR content, while saving $594 off the regular price.

Here's the link to the page for the special Mega PLR Content Bundle at an 80% discount

Remember, this opportunity ends this Sunday (i.e. tomorrow), so if you want quality PLR content in the Self Help, Health, Finance niches, then act fast... because the opportunity is slipping away... fast.

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