Friday, 9 November 2012

The Bullet Point Reminder

In my previous reminder of the incredible PLR Content Bundle 80% Off special that's ending soon, I promised you that I would remind you in different ways from that point on. Well, for this reminder, I'm going to use the bullet point method... tactic... strategy... whatever.

This is probably going to be the most dramatic reminder... after this, the reminders will probably only differ in small ways... there's only so much creativity in me and I am fighting against the clock... or rather, the countdown timer. No, seriously, there's a countdown timer on the special PLR Content Bundle 80% off discount offer page.

I need to make sure you know about it before the countdown timer reaches zero. So, I need to get as many reminders out as possible... but make each one different, just in case you're reading multiple reminders.

So, as the method name (the bullet point method) implies... I'm putting the reminder in bullet point form. Seriously, nothing cryptic here... it's just bullet points.

Anyway, here's your bullet point reminder...

  • Ronnie Nijmeh's (the man behind PLR Me) Birthday 10 November
  • To celebrate, he's offering this insane PLR content deal
  • You get over 800 pieces of content at 80% discount
  • Content in Self Help, Finance and Health Niches
  • That 80% discount means you're saving $594
  • Graphics thrown in as a bonus
  • This special ends this Sunday (11 November 2012) 11:59pm ET

Follow this link to get taken directly to the special PLR Content Bundle 80% Off discount page

I'd just like to clear one thing up. In the bullet points, I mentioned you're saving $594. That's a real saving. I know that a lot of offers being marketed on the internet, have a value of that the marketer thinks the product is worth... and then say you're saving whatever the difference is, between what they say it's worth and the price you pay.

This is not the case here. That saving is the difference between the regular price and the special price.
Don't believe me?

I've included the homepage so that you can see for yourself what the regular prices are. The 80% discount is real... so if you want to grab this high quality content by one of the best PLR content providers out there, you have to act fast. Like I said before, when Sunday passes, this deal goes away.

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