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The Best PLR Content Providers?

What does it take to be a top notch PLR content provider? What does it take to be set apart from other PLR content providers? The answer is... I don't really know. However, I do have some thoughts on what makes some PLR content providers stand out of the crowd... well, for me anyway.

Please, don't expect any earth shattering, mind blowing points here... there're all simple and pretty obvious points.

If I had to simplify what I look for in a PLR provider (from a buyer's perspective), it would be confidence in the provider. In other words, do I trust the seller enough to take a chance and make a purchase. Once you make your first purchase from a PLR content provider, then you'll be in a much better position to assess just how good the provider is.

Now, I'm not saying that a PLR content provider needs to have all of these points to be considered as one of the best PLR content providers. They could have a few of these and still be a great provider.

All that I'm saying is that these are things that help me decide whether the PLR content provider appears to be a solid PLR content provider.

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Are there Samples of PLR Content?
Does the PLR content provider have some content samples or has a few free articles for download on their site?

There are 2 main ways to get a glimpse into the quality of a PLR content provider's content, without having to first buy a piece of their content. First, a PLR content provider could display samples of content on their site.

Or, the PLR content provider could provide the reader or potential customer with free PLR articles. Why would they give away some free PLR content? Well, it's part of their marketing efforts. It gives you, the potential customer, the chance to see the level of quality.

For example, Net PLR offers anyone who goes to their site, free PLR articles.

I think this is important because the seller is confident enough in the quality of their content, to let the customer see it before hand.

Are the PLR rules displayed?
Before I buy any PLR content from a PLR content provider, I want to know exactly what I can and can't do. This way, I know beforehand whether the PLR content is right for what I'm planning to do with the content.

That being said, I like it when it's easy to find the rules, on the PLR content provider's site. For example, Easy PLR has a clear  and easy to read tab that says, "The Rules."

Okay, now this probably won't convince you that much, because you assume the seller will only put their best testimonials up. Well, this in itself provides some insight.

Assuming they are the best that the provider has, and the testimonials are weak... at least you know not to buy there. If all the testimonials are great, then at least you know there's a chance that the quality of the content is as good as the testimonials make them out to see.

For that reason, I think that seeing some testimonials on a PLR content providers site, can boost confidence.  The testimonials should be easy to find, but not forced in your face.

A good way I've seen this done, is by having a testimonials tab that takes the reader to a separate page that contains testimonials, just like Niche Content Packages and Mom PLR eBooks have done.

Clear Product Description
It's very important that the description is clear. You want to know exactly what you're buying and for how much. If the description isn't clear, it tells me that the seller doesn't take their PLR business seriously.

A good example is Easy PLR. You clearly see the number of PLR Articles that pack contains, the title of each PLR Article, the price and how many licenses are available (since they sell limited edition PLR content).

Pricing and Packaging
Are the prices reasonable and how well are the packages put together.

Some PLR content providers have multiple components to their PLR packages or extras. For example Coaching PLR Content often sells their PLR reports along with PowerPoint slides and cover graphics. Another example is DIY PLR that often includes images throughout their PLR reports.

But, when it comes to consistently putting together great PLR content packages, I'd have to say PLR Me is among the best.

Specials and Discounts
Do I really need to elaborate any further on this point?

Layout and Design 
The site should look be appealing and easy on the eyes. The text should be easy to read. It should be easy to find a list of the PLR content that's available for sale. If multiple PLR product types are sold, such as PLR articles, PLR eBooks, PLR eCourse etc. or mulitple niches, then there should be a categories section.

One of my favourite PLR content Providers in terms of layout and design is Easy PLR. The design is clean, simple, very easy and relaxed and the site is easy to navigate around. As you've probably noticed, I seem to be mentioning Easy PLR quite a lot... well, now you can see why it's one of my favourite PLR content providers...

Well written content
When you buy PLR content... you go there for the... well, content. Um... obviously. Since we're talking about what makes the best PLR content providers... the quality of their content is the most important.

Unlike the previous points, this point does somewhat rely on you having bought content from the buyer before, in order to get a proper understanding of the level of quality. But, you could still get an understanding of the quality by looking at samples of content if available.

Remember, PLR content is a tool that you plan on using in your business so the quality of that tool is important to you.

If you're a PLR content provider and your content sucks, then nothing else you do will really matter in the long run. It doesn't matter how good your site looks, how well you advertise or how many potential customers you're generating.

If your content sucks, you can forget about repeat business. Furthermore, if previous customers do tell others about your website... it probably won't be very positive.

There are a lot of PLR content providers out there and at the very least, there's a few of them selling PLR content on topics similar to yours. Which means if the customer didn't like the quality of your content, they'll just go to another PLR content provider.

So it makes complete sense that if a PLR content provider wants to be among the best, it has to have really high quality content.

But, what's high quality content? Well, I suppose it is somewhat subjective... but if it's free from error, informative or insightful and enjoyable to read... then I'd say you're definitely on the right track.

Product Delivery and Customer Service
The second most obvious point would be the quality of customer service. Was it easy to make payment? How quick or long did it take for you to receive your PLR content? If you had any queries, how long did it take to get an answer and how well was it answered?

Just like the previous point about quality of content, this point does rely on you having bought something from the provider before. However, consider this, if you were not satisfied with either the quality or the customer service, you probably wouldn't buy from them again. If you don't buy from them again, then you wouldn't consider them the best.

Other things to consider?
I think that the above points are what makes great PLR content providers great. There are probably more that I could add to this list... but I think that's enough for now.

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