Friday, 23 November 2012

Sales Funnel Limited Edition PLR eCourse with Infographics

Business Content PLR has released an impressive PLR eCourse on the Sales Funnel... well, at least impressive by PLR eCourse standards anyway.

Why is This PLR eCourse package Impressive
I've mentioned before how I don't like calling a lot of PLR eCourses, eCourses because they don't really seem like an eCourse. I don't know but somewhere along the lines, someone decided that that a series of autoresponder messages or articles qualifies as being called an eCourse. However, this "definition" of an eCourse seems a little too...hmm... light to be an eCourse.

An eCourse should include more than just a collection of messages or articles. For it to really be an eCourse, shouldn't it be more of a complete package? I don't know... I just think there should be more, like maybe related or supporting resources.

Anyway, I feel like this PLR eCourse by Business Content PLR feels more like an eCourse than most other PLR eCourses, because this package actually has resources that accompany the messages (or in this case, Articles).

Sales Funnel Magic PLR eCourse
This limited edition PLR eCourse from Business Content PLR is made up of 2 conponents. The first component contains a set of Articles and the second component contains Tools and Resources.

The Sales Funnel Magic PLR eCourse contains the following:

  • What Is a Sales Funnel and Why Is It Important for Your Success?
  • The Key Components of an Effective Sales Funnel
  • Planning Your Sales Funnel Strategy
  • What Are the Best Types of Opt-in Offers?
  • The Entrance to Your Sales Funnel – The Squeeze Page
  • What Are One-Time Offers and How Do They Work?
  • Email Follow-ups – What to Send Your List
  • What Products Should You Promote in Your Follow-ups?
  • Is Your Sales Funnel Working for You?
  • The Best Tools for Creating a Sales Funnel
Tools and Resources
  • Course Overview 
  • Course Section Outlines 
  • Your Sales Funnel Planning Checklist
  • Sample Sales Funnel MindMap 
  • What Happens in Your Sales Funnel (Infographic)
  • Opt-in and Product Offers Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Sample Email Sales Funnel Flowchart 
  • Tips for How to Use Your PLR
  • Email Series Planning Template 
I'm really impressed by all of the tools and resources contained in this eCourse. The way that this PLR eCourse is structured, it feels more like an eCourse that some of the other PLR eCourses from other PLR content providers.

You can buy this impressive PLR eCourse over at Business Content PLR. But, if you want to buy this PLR eCourse, then act fast because this is a limited edition PLR eCourse that's limited to 175 licenses.

Click here to go to Business Content PLR

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