Saturday, 10 November 2012

Quick Thoughts on 2 Impressive PLR Content Providers

What does it take for a PLR content provider to be impressive? Simple, stand out from other PLR content providers.

There are 2 PLR content providers that really impress me and I'm convinced they are among the best PLR content providers. Here's a little about what I find so impressive about them...

Easy PLR
I think that Easy PLR is by far the best PLR Content Provider for limited edition PLR content. When you visit the Easy PLR website, you know that you've landed at a serious PLR content provider.

It's easy to navigate your way around the site and incredibly easy to find the PLR content that you're looking for.

What's also impressive is Easy PLR's commitment to producing quality PLR content. 2 people work on every piece of PLR content. One writes the content and the other edits and adds to the content.

I'm convinced that PLR Me is the best PLR content membership site, especially in the Self Help and Finance niches, and one of the best PLR content providers overall.

There PLR content packages are professional and high quality... I don't think there's another PLR content provider who offers so much and of such a high quality standard.

PLR Me takes quality standards very seriously... no doubt about that. Every piece of content goes through 4 people before it's ready for you, the customer. I have not seen another PLR content provider that has so many people working on a single piece of PLR content.

On a side note, as part of Ronnie's (the man behind PLR Me) birthday celebration, he's offering the most incredible Mega PLR Content Bundle Special that I have ever seen. This special is so insane, there's no need for me to hype it up at all. So, I'm just going to give you the details...

Best PLR content Special I've ever seen
PLR Me has a special Mega PLR Content Bundle at an 80% discount (you're saving $594 off the regular price), but only until Sunday 11 November 2012 at 11:59pm ET.

The PLR Content Bundle has over 800 pieces of content, and covers the following niches: Weight Loss, Stress and Meditation, Anxiety and Depression, Natural Health, Frugal Living, Money Management, Saving and Investing.

Once Sunday passes, so does this special and along with it, your chance to save $594 and get high quality PLR content from one of the best PLR content providers out there.

Here's the link to the special Mega PLR Content Bundle at 80% Off the regular price

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