Thursday, 8 November 2012

PLR Experiment Breaking Apart PLR Content Just for Fun

Have you ever confirmed the facts, statements or advice contained in PLR content before you use it? Well, probably not. You've most likely read the PLR content and if it make sense, then you assumed it was solid... right? 

But, how do you know the information is accurate? Well, you most likely purchased the content from high quality PLR content providers who you're confident in produces high quality content... right? I hope so. Seriously, why would you want to buy content from a PLR content provider unless you're confident you're getting quality content. That's why I emphasized checking out and testing the content of a PLR content provider in the early stages. 

Checking each and every piece of PLR content before you use it, will probably be way too time consuming anyway. I mean, if I used PLR content seriously, I certainly wouldn't check and confirm the information in every piece of PLR content before I use it.

Still, I'm curious to know how accurate PLR content is from PLR content providers. So, I'm going to start another type of PLR experiment. 

Now, I know I'm still busy with the fruity videos PLR experiment but... I'm putting it on "pause" for a bit. So far I only finished the first one, but I will get around to finishing the others. But, this PLR experiment caught my attention, so I'm going with it. 

How this PLR Experiment Works
It's actually a very simple PLR experiment. All I do is, I select a piece of PLR content. I read though it and identify points, statements, facts etc... made. I'll then search on the internet for information that agrees or supports those points, statements, facts etc. made. 

If it's an opinion or ideas related piece of content then there won't be much need for fact checking. In that case, I suppose I'll read it and if it makes sense or the logic can be followed... then I'll settle for that. Who knows... maybe I can find information that supports the idea

Why do this PLR experiment?
Well, first of all, I'm doing this for the fun of it. This is probably the most important reason for doing this... because it sounds fun. If I no longer find this experiment fun or interesting, then I'll probably stop. I'm not setting a limit for how long this type of experiment will go on for. So, it could go on for a while... or it could not. How must I know?

The second reason why it's worth doing this experiment is, that it allows me to see how well researched the content is from various PLR content providers.

Finally, by "reverse researching" (think reverse engineering... but for content) the content, I'll be learning things along the way. Think of this experiment as broadening my mind. Sure, since all I'm aiming to do is confirm the information... I may not necessarily understand the information... but there's always the possibility of learning stuff. I'm all for the possibility of learning stuff. 

So, that's 3 reasons to do this PLR experiment. More than enough. Let's get started...

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