Monday, 19 November 2012

PLR Content on Using Public Domain Content in Your Online Business

DIY PLR has released an interesting PLR content package on Public Domain for Online Businesses. The package contains 4 PLR guides and the guides include images.

Basically, you're getting 4 short PLR guides, which have a combined word count of 3542 and have a total of 27 images across all 4 guides.

This PLR content package is a limited edition PLR content package. At the time of writing, there are only 82 licenses available. So, if you want PLR to these 4 guides, you can get them at DIY PLR.

Why Public Domain for Online Businesses?
Although the guides may be short, they appear to be very informative. Not only that, given the topic that the guides address, the guides will be incredibly useful to the person receiving the guides... especially if they're new to the idea of using PLR content in their online business, or have just started an online business and have a tight budget.

Using Public Domain content in your online business may be very beneficial to you, assuming you know where to find quality public domain content and you know how to use it. Why? Well, using Public Domain content may help you cut costs and use those funds elsewhere.

Reducing your costs is especially important to someone just starting out online or are still in the early stages of their online business. So, there's a lot of people who could benefit from this information.

You can get these for PLR guides on Public Domain for Online Businesses, over at DIY PLR.

About these PLR Guides...
These 4 guides contain enough information to get you started on using Public Domain content in your online business. It covers the basics, as well as what mistakes to avoid, how you can use Public Domain content and most importantly, where to find Public Domain content.

Just in case you want to know what each of the PLR guides deal with, here's the breakdown:
Guide 1 - Introduction to Using Public Domain for Online Business
Guide 2 - 10 Common Public Domain Mistakes
Guide 3 - 50 Ways to Use Public Domain in Your Business
Guide 4 - 50 Sources of Public Domain (or nearly Public Domain) Content

Once again, if you want these 4 PLR guides, you can get them over at DIY PLR.

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