Saturday, 10 November 2012

Limited Edition ADHD PLR Articles covers Basic Questions

PLR Articles PLR eBooks just released ADHD related PLR content, and the best part is, it's limited edition PLR content.

Why emphasis that it's limited edition PLR content? Well, I'm convinced limited edition PLR content is the best type of PLR content to use.

Anyway, the ADHD PLR content is a pack of 10 PLR Articles... and just by looking at the titles of the articles, I suspect that the pack is designed to cover the basic questions someone would have about ADHD.

Here's the PLR Article titles:

  • Who’s at Risk from ADHD?
  • My Child Has ADHD – Will It Go Away?
  • Is ADHD a Discipline Issue?
  • Alternative Treatments for ADHD
  • Is There a Connection between Chemical Exposure and ADHD?
  • Common Treatment Options for ADHD
  • ADHD and Diet – the Nutrition Connection
  • Signs and Symptoms of ADD/ADHD in Adults and Children
  • Students and Children with ADHD – Tips on Helping Them Succeed
  • The ADHD Brain – What’s Going On?

As I said, this is a limited edition PLR content pack, and only 200 licenses will be sold. So, if you're looking for ADHD related PLR content, you may want to get this before all the licenses are sold out.

At the time of writing, there were 197 licenses still available. Now you may be wondering why only 3 licenses were sold so far... but, keep in mind that this pack was released recently.

If this pack interests you, you can get it over at PLR Articles PLR eBooks

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