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High Quality PLR Content Really Does Exist

Here's a question for you. Do you think there is such a thing as high quality PLR content? The answer... Yes. What? You agree? Well, I guess I've made my point... so you can stop reading now. Okay wait, since you're already reading this, I might as well explain why I think high quality PLR content does exist. Think of it as me proving a point.

I just read an email from Ronnie Nijmeh (PLR Me) to his email subscribers, in which he said someone accused him of only paying $3 to have an article written... which is very far from the truth. In fact, he said that the cost of producing a single article for PLR Me is over $30.

Why am I telling you this? Is it about truth and lies... or rumours... or something as dramatic as that? Ah... no. I'm actually telling you this because it makes for a great intro for what I really want to talk about.

The cost of over $30 spent by PLR Me per article is not the focus. No, it was actually something else that he mentioned in the email that really grabbed my attention. And that is...

Pause for dramatic effect. What really caught my attention is that at least 4 people are involved in every piece of PLR content before it gets to PLR Me members and customers. 4 people? Yes, 4 people.

Why am I impressed by this? A single piece of content goes through 4 people before it's ready... how can you not be impressed. This is an insane about of energy that goes into ensuring high quality content standards.

There are a quite a few PLR Content Providers that I know of, who take the quality of their content very seriously, not just PLR Me. For example, every piece of PLR content on Easy PLR goes through 2 professional writers. The first writer creates the content and the second one edits and adds to it.

So, Easy PLR is another good example of a PLR content provider that takes quality standards very seriously.

Good and Bad PLR Content
When I read that 4 people work on a single piece of content, I got a little annoyed at all those people who think all PLR content is low quality. Okay, to be fair, there was a time when I also thought that all PLR content was low quality content. But, now that I know of some high quality PLR content providers... I think that there is good PLR content and bad PLR content.

Shouldn't I be more understanding considering that I once thought all PLR content was bad quality? Hmm... maybe you're right. But, think about this: When you're a learner driver driving slowly and carefully, you can't understand why other drivers get annoyed at your slow driving... I mean, they knew you were a learner driver... so they should understand, right? But, as soon as you get your license, then suddenly you get annoyed with other learner drivers driving slowly or making mistakes. Same thing. 

If people only saw bad PLR content, then of cause they'd think all PLR content is bad. But, just because you've only seen bad PLR content, doesn't mean excellent PLR content doesn't exist.

Reality Check - PLR Content is just a Tool
There's a lot of negatively surrounding PLR content... wait, let me put it another way... Some people think it's useless, poorly written, inferior content, should be avoided, low quality... (feel free to add more synonyms)... and they are entitled to their opinion.

But, I think that the negative perception that some people have towards PLR content has more to do with how some people use PLR content, than with the quality of PLR content. Some people use PLR content in such negative and spammy ways, that it's no wonder so many think negatively of PLR content... as if it's a bad thing.

The reality is that, PLR content (generally speaking) is neither good nor bad. PLR content is just a tool. Just like any tool, it has it's own set of Pros and cons. And, just like a lot of tools, it can be used to "do good" and it can be misused. But, just because some people choose to misuse PLR content (especially in spammy ways) doesn't make the tool (PLR content) a bad thing.

Just like there are those who aren't interested in PLR content, there are also those who benefit greatly from PLR content and find it very useful. There are those you use it correctly and tap into the potential of the content. They're able to use the content in such a way, that's beneficial to all parties involved.

The Quality
Now, the quality of the tool depends on the creator of the tool. If you don't like the quality, then just buy from somewhere else.

Just like in any other market, there are good business suppliers, weak suppliers and exceptional suppliers. Why paint all those who provide PLR content with the same brush?

What if you do buy weak PLR content? It's not the fact that the content is licensed under a PLR license, that makes the content weak. No, the weakness of the content is dependent on the content itself. If the content is weak, then it's because it was poorly written... it's not because it was PLR content.

If you want high quality PLR content, then buy from a Provider that sells high quality PLR content.

Consider the alternative...
Even if you buy content from a ghost writer, it doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to have high quality content. Why? Because the quality produced depends on the writer. Some writers and good and some are bad.

In fact, if you think about it, the only real difference between PLR content and ghost written content is the rights that you have over the content, the number of people who're using the content and the price. Just like you can get good and bad PLR content, you can also get good and bad ghost written content.

So, when I read about how multiple people are involved in producing a single piece of PLR content, then I'm impressed.

Here's something else to thing about. If PLR content providers like PLR Me and Easy PLR have multiple people working on a single article, then it means that the end product (in this case the PLR article) could be of a higher quality than if you hired a ghost writer to write a similar article for you. Now, I'm not saying this will always be the case... I'm just saying it's possible.

Why High Quality PLR Content is Possible
Not everyone who hires a ghost writer to create content will also spend money to have someone else check the content that the ghost writer produced. In other words, only one person was involved in the content before you use it.

Contrast this to content created by some PLR content providers who have multiple people working on it. One person may create the content and another checks and edits their work... maybe even adds to it.

Why can a PLR content provider do this? Well, shared costs. Remember, multiple people buy the same piece of PLR content. $10 per article may seem like a lot to an individual buying the content from a ghost writer, but not for a PLR content provider.

As I said, a PLR content provider is able to spend more to produce a single article, because multiple people are sharing the cost of the content. That's also the reason why you're able to pay between $1 and $2 for a high quality PLR article, instead of between $10 and $30 if you bought ghost written content.

So, high quality PLR content does exist, it's just a matter of finding great PLR content providers that supply high quality PLR content.

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