Thursday, 22 November 2012

Green Living PLR Content from Net PLR

First up was Net PLR's Family and Parenting PLR content. The next niche is Green Living. So, here's the limited edition Green Living PLR content from Net PLR that's currently available:

Saving Energy - 7 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • How To Save Energy At Home (Heating)
  • Lower Electric Bill
  • 14 Ways To Save Electricity
  • Energy Saving Devices
  • Water Saving Devices
  • Energy Saving Ideas For Home Office
  • Low Energy Light Bulbs

Going Green For Beginners - 7 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Going Green Facts About Food
  • Green Shopping 
  • Ways To Help The Environment (Kids)
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Recycling Tips
  • Go Green Ideas (Habits and Lifestyle) 
  • Going Green Ideas (Driving)

Solar Power - 7 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • 5 Uses of Solar Energy
  • DIY Solar Panel Kits Vs. Professional Installation 
  • 5 Advantages of Solar Power 
  • What Is Solar Power?
  • Solar Panel Kits 
  • Disadvantages of Solar Power 
  • 3 Types of Solar Energy For Homes 

Organic Baby Products - 7 PLr Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Organic Baby Gifts 
  • Organic Baby Food 
  • Organic Baby Toys
  • Natural Baby Clothes: A Guide To The Best Materials For Your Baby 
  • Why Natural Baby Products Are Better For Your Child 
  • Organic Baby Wipes And Diapers 
  • Organic Baby Blanket 

Wind Energy - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Will Wind Power Really Help You Cut Energy Costs In Your Home?
  • Installing A Wind Turbine At Home: A Few Key Rules To Follow 
  • 3 Big Benefits Of Using Wind Energy To Power Your Home 
  • Wind Vs. Solar Power: Which Is Better For Your Home?
  • The 3 Main Drawbacks Of Wind Power 

All of these limited edition Green Living PLR content packs are available at Net PLR

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Rows of Solar Panels by Living Off Grid

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