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Foreclosure Avoiding and Investing PLR Content and Everything Inbetween

Apparently, foreclosures are happening all over the place. So, I suppose having information on how to handle or even avoid Foreclosures would be very useful to a lot of people. Wait. People in need of useful information... hmm, sounds like a possibly profitable niche to me. So, let's talk about Foreclosure related PLR content.

The way I see it, when it comes to foreclosures, there's 2 groups of people. The first being those who are experiencing a foreclosure or who want to avoid it. The second group are those who see Foreclosures as an investment opportunity. Now that the groups of people are identified, all that's left is to find related PLR content.

Let's start with Investing in Foreclosures... because that sound interesting.

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Okay, let's get back to Foreclosure Investing.

Foreclosure Investing...

Easy PLR, one of the best limited edition PLR content providers, has a pack of PLR Articles on Foreclosure Investing. This is the first foreclosure related PLR content pack that I've seen, that focuses on the investing side of foreclosures.

It seems like a very rare and targeted niche in terms of PLR content. What am I saying? I'm saying grab this pack now while it's still available because who knows when you're going to see another Foreclosure Investing PLR content pack like this.

Foreclosure Investing - 10 limited edition PLR Articles, 1 of 100 licenses remaining, buy at Easy PLR
  • Top 7 Foreclosure Investing Tips
  • How to Flip a Foreclosure
  • Where to Find Foreclosures
  • Finding Funds For Foreclosures
  • What to Look for In Foreclosures
  • Protecting Your Foreclosure Rights
  • Foreclosure Bidding Strategies
  • How to Invest In Foreclosures
  • Finding the Right Bank
  • Top 10 Foreclosure Cities
This limited edition PLR Article pack is only available from Easy PLR. But, Easy PLR's content is quite popular and as you can see, there's only 1 licenses remaining. So, unless you act incredibly fast, this pack may be gone before you get there. Hey, I'm just being realistic.

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Handling and Avoiding Foreclosures...

Okay, so we've covered the investing side... let's move on to handling and avoiding foreclosures.

Purchase PLR has released a pack of 6 Foreclosure PLR Articles which you may be interested in.

Foreclosures - 6 PLR Articles, buy at Purchase PLR
  • Do You Need A Foreclosure Lawyer? 
  • Foreclosure Prevention 
  • Home Foreclosure Process 
  • How To Avoid Foreclosure 
  • Must-Know Information About Foreclosures 
  • Where To Find Foreclosure Assistance 
I can't really say much here, seeing as I know nothing about foreclosures and I haven't read these articles. Still, if you're looking for PLR Articles on the home foreclosure process, then this PLR Article pack may be what you're looking for. Just by looking at the article titles, it seems to cover all the major aspects of foreclosures.

You can get this PLR Article pack over at Purchase PLR

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Okay, at this point you now have PLR content covering both sides of foreclosures. You can inform the reader about how to handle and even avoid foreclosures (thanks to the 7 Foreclosure PLR Articles from Purchase PLR). You can also inform the reader how to invest in foreclosures (thanks to the 10 PLR Articles from Easy PLR).

In other words, you're now equipped to target even more people when talking about Foreclosures. So, what's next?

Moving into a New Home...

Well, since we're talking about Foreclosures... I think another good area of information to branch off into, would be on Moving.

Let's say a foreclosure does happen, wouldn't information about Moving from one house to the next be useful to know? Or, what if you've bought a new house through your foreclosure investing, wouldn't you want to know how to move into your new house?

So, here's high quality limited edition PLR content on Moving, from Easy PLR.

Moving on the Cheap – 9 limited edition PLR Articles, 106 of 150 licenses remaining, buy at Easy PLR
  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House
  • Making Money When Moving
  • Money Saving Tips & Tricks To Packing Your House
  • 3 Ways To Stretch Your Moving Budget
  • 5 Ways To Save Money by DIYing
  • 5 Tips To Save Money When You Get Where You’re Going
  • 10 Cheap Tips For Packing For Your Move
  • Using Professional Movers To Save You Time & Money
  • Using Checklists, Budgets & Timelines To Save Money Moving
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Home Mortgages and Real Estate...

Okay, so at this point you have PLR content on how to handle and even avoid foreclosures, how to invest in foreclosures and how to move cheaply. But, doesn't it feel like there's a topic missing here? Hmm... I think it's only appropriate that you also have PLR content on Mortgages and PLR Nook as the perfect PLR Article pack. 

Home Mortgages - 10 PLR Articles, buy at PLR Nook
  • 3 Things to Try Before Accepting Foreclosure
  • 5 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home Before Listing
  • 5 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Broker
  • Can You Still Cash Out With a Reverse Mortgage?
  • How to Buy a Home After Bankruptcy
  • How to Get a Loan Modification
  • Is 2012 a Good Time to Buy Real Estate?
  • What is Strategic Default and Should You Consider It?
  • What to Do if You’re “Upside Down” on Your Mortgage
  • What is a Short Sale and How Does it Work?
You can buy this PLR content pack over at PLR Nook (but, keep reading to find out about PLR Nook's insane PLR content bundle special).

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Okay, enough now about specials and discounts, let's get back to talking about property. 

Up til this point, we've covered Foreclosures, Moving into a new home and Mortgages. So, all that's left is PLR content on Real Estate...

Real Estate - 10 PLR Articles, buy at PLR Nook (homepage)
  • Buying a Home? – How to Choose the Right Mortgage Option
  • Buying a Home? – Why a Fixer Upper is a Great Option
  • Foreclosure Homes – A Great Investment Opportunity
  • Fixer Upper Or Money Pit? – How to Choose the Right Fixer Upper And Still Profit
  • How to Find The Best Investment Properties
  • Is Being a Landlord Right for You? Pros’ and Con’s of Owning Rental Property
  • Real Estate Investment Checklist – Things to Look Out for when getting started
  • Rental Insurance – Protect Your Assets!
  • Property Auctions – Your Quick Start Guide
  • Property Auctions – Numbers vs. Emotions – Your Guide to Staying in Control
Just like with the Home Mortgage PLR Article pack above, this PLR Article pack can only be bought at PLR Nook

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Debt and Home Related PLR Content... 

Where to next? Well, think about what PLR content we've covered so far. We've focused on Foreclosures, Mortgages, Moving into a new Home and Real Estate. So, what else would someone who wants information on Foreclosures, Real Estate and Moving into a Home be interested in?

The way I see it, there's 2 very clear areas that you could go into. Firstly, there's the money aspect and then there's the home aspect.

If you're thinking about mortgages and foreclosures then you're thinking about debt and money management.

Here's some high quality Money Management and Personal Finance related PLR content:
  • Credit and Debt - 10 PLR Articles, buy at PLR Nook
  • Debt Relief - 10 PLR Articles, buy at PLR Nook
  • Credit Repair - 10 PLR Articles, buy at PLR Nook
  • Frugal Living PLR Pack - 43 Frugal Living Action Guides, 5 Frugal Living Power Points, 44 Frugal-Related Articles, 12 Frugal and Living Reports, buy at PLR Me
  • Money Management PLR Pack - 19 Money Management Action Guides, 3 Economic Management Power Points, 33 Money-Related Articles, 6 Money Reports, buy at PLR Me 
  • Saving and Investing PLR Pack - 14 Saving and Investing Action Guides, 3 Investing-Related Power Points, 31 Saving Articles, 6 Saving and Investing Reports, buy at PLR Me 
  • Credit Repair - 10 limited edition PLR Articles, under 15 licenses remaining, buy at Flamillion
At the moment, Flamillion is running an incredible special, where all of their PLR content packages are reduced to only $5. So, if you want to save on PLR content, act fast because this special ends Monday, 26 November 2012.

If you're thinking about moving into a new home, then you're also thinking about various aspects of the home, like home decor and home DIY.

Here's some high quality home and garden related PLR content:
Okay, it looks like we've managed to cover every aspect (well, nearly every aspect) of money related Home PLR content. Seriously, we've just covered Foreclosure Avoiding, Foreclosure Investing, Moving Cheaply, Home Decor, Home Mortgages, Debt and Real Estate... I think that's more than enough for now.

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