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Family and Relationships PLR Content from Net PLR

After I finished listing Easy PLR's limited edition PLR content, I decided to move on to the next PLR content provider that sells limited edition PLR content. This time, it's Net PLR.

The niche that I'm starting with is the Family and Relationships niche... which is a pretty big niche on Net PLR. 3 of the PLR content categories on Net PLR fall under this niche; Baby and Pregnancy, Relationship, Family and Parenting.

Net PLR sells both limited edition PLR content and non-limited PLR content and the limited edition PLR content packs are normally limited to either 100 or 150 licenses.

Okay, let's jump right in... starting with the Baby and Pregnancy PLR content from Net PLR:

Organic Baby Products - 7 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Organic Baby Food
  • Organic Baby Wipes And Diapers
  • Why Natural Baby Products Are Better For Your Child 
  • Organic Baby Gifts
  • Natural Baby Clothes: A Guide To The Best Materials For Your Baby 
  • Organic Baby Blanket
  • Organic Baby Toys

Healthy Pregnancy - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Health In Pregnancy: What You Need To Know About Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs And Medication
  • Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 
  • Which Pregnancy Vitamins Do You Need To Take? 
  • Healthy Pregnancy Tips: How To Approach Exercise 
  • A Healthy Pregnancy Diet: What You Need To Know About Food And Weight Gain 

Healthy Post-Pregnancy - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Losing Weight After Pregnancy, Safely and Effectively
  • Depression After Pregnancy: Looking Out For The Signs And Getting Help 
  • Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle After Pregnancy
  • Exercise After Pregnancy: What Can You Do And How Long Should You Wait?
  • Stretch Marks After Pregnancy: What You Can Do To Reduce Them

Next, let's move on to the Relationships PLR content from Net PLR...

Relationship Problems - 5 PLR Articles

  • What Causes Relationship Problems?
  • How Do We Make Up After a Big Fight?
  • Successful Relationship Tips
  • Jealousy In Your Relationship
  • Relationship Advice

Valentine’s Day 20 PLR Articles (limited to 100 licenses)

  • Valentine Decorations To Set The Mood For The Day
  • Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples Who Can’t Be Together On The Day
  • Great Valentine’s Day Ideas: The Gift Of A Massage
  • Valentine Gifts For Him: A Guide To Buying A Watch
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets For A Unique And Thoughtful Gift
  • 5 Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas For Valentine’s Day
  • What To Do For Valentine’s Day: Choosing A Spa Break
  • 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Couples
  • Store Bought Vs Homemade Valentine Cards: Choosing The Perfect Card For Your Loved One
  • Homemade Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Something That Really Shows You Care
  • A Guide To Buying Flowers For Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Presents For Her: Choosing The Perfect Fragrance
  • Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas When You Need To Save Cash
  • Valentine’s Breaks: Planning The Perfect Surprise Trip
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend: A Guide To Candles And Aromatherapy
  • Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day As A Family
  • Good Valentine’s Day Gift for Guys
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her: A Guide To Buying Lingerie
  • Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts For An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day
  • Good Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women: A Guide To Buying Jewelry

Online Dating - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Free Internet Dating Sites: How Do They Work? 
  • 4 Online Dating Tips For Women: Stay Safe And Have Fun!
  • Using Internet Dating Sites: How To Set Up Your Profile For Maximum Impact
  • First Date Tips After You’ve Met Online
  • Free Dating Chat Rooms: How To Use Them Most Effectively

Happy Marriage - 7 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • How To Get Along With Your In-Laws
  • The 3 Main Reasons Why Married Couples Argue
  • How To Deal With A Lack Of Sex In Your Marriage
  • How To Handle Money Issues As A Team: Don’t Let Finances Ruin Your Marriage
  • Tips For A Long Lasting Marriage (Newlyweds Version) 
  • Don’t Let Chores Come Between You And A Happy Marriage
  • How To Find Time For Each Other When Raising Children

Dating - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • What To Do When A Date Goes Wrong
  • Are You Ready to Start Dating?
  • Who Should Pay On A Date?
  • 3 Tips for a Successful First Date
  • Dating Safety Tips: How To Protect Yourself On A Date With Someone You Don’t Know Yet

Wedding Planning - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • How to Choose the Right Wedding Date
  • The Etiquette Behind Announcing your Engagement
  • A Guide to Getting Your Marriage License
  • How to Create a Wedding Budget 
  • Finding Your Perfect Wedding Location

Wedding on a Budget - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • DIY Project Ideas That’ll Help Keep Your Wedding Costs Down 
  • Why The Time of Year Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Wedding Costs
  • 5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
  • A Guide to Saving Money on Your Wedding Reception
  • How to Save Money on your Wedding Dress without Sacrificing Style

Finally, here's the Family and Parenting PLR content from Net PLR...

Back To School - 10 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Back To School Laptops: 4 Things To Consider Before You Buy
  • Back To School Backpacks: What To Look For 
  • Green Back To School Ideas For The Environmentally-Conscious Parent 
  • Shopping For Back To School Outfits: What To Buy And How To Find The Best Prices
  • A Guide To Buying Shoulder Bags For School
  • Back To School Stationery: What To Buy And How To Find The Best Prices 
  • Back To School Shoes: How To Find The Best Pair For Your Child’s Feet 
  • A Sample Back To School Shopping List To Make Things A Little Easier
  • How To Save The Most Money In Back To School Sales
  • Back To School Coupons: Know Where To Find Them And How To Use Them Wisely 

Kids Pool - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • A Guide To The Best Pool Toys That Will Keep Your Kids Occupied For Hours
  • Choosing The Right Kiddie Pool For Summer: A Guide To The Types Available 
  • 5 Ideas For Swimming Pool Games For Kids 
  • Pool Safety For Kids: What Parents Need To Know 
  • A Guide To Buying And Using Baby Swimming Pools 

Summer Activities for Kids - 7 PLr Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Fun Summer Activities For Kids When It’s Raining Outside 
  • Summer Games For Kids To Play 
  • Summer Jobs For Kids: Finding Something Suitable
  • 4 Ideas For Summer Crafts For Preschoolers
  • Summer Reading Programs For Kids: What You Need To Know 
  • Summer Activities For Kids When They Get Older: How Do You Keep Them Occupied?
  • 5 Fun Summer Activities For Kids To Do Outdoors

Summer Family Vacation - 7 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • How To Find Those Cheap Family Vacation Packages 
  • 5 Ideas For Cheap Vacations For Kids
  • Inexpensive Vacations: Tips On Saving Money While You’re Away 
  • 8 Steps To Affordable Vacations For The Whole Family 
  • Cheap Vacation Ideas For The Summer: Take The Kids Camping
  • Planning Summer Cruises With Kids: What You Need To Think About
  • How To Find The Cheapest Disneyland Packages For The Summer 

Summer Pool - 6 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • Cheap Pool Supplies: 5 Tips To Save You Money 
  • What Pool Cleaning Equipment Do You Need To Keep It Healthy And Clean​? 
  • Above Ground Pool Supplies: What You Need To Get Hold Of
  • Easy Set Pools: Are They Right For You And Your Family?
  • Automatic Pool Covers: The Types Of Cover Available And How To Choose One 
  • What You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Chlorine

Work at Home Mom - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • 5 Disadvantages of Being a Work at Home Mom 
  • Time Management Tips for Work at Home Moms 
  • 5 Benefits of Being a Work at Home Mom
  • Finding the Work/Life Balance as a Work at Home Mom
  • Where to Find Support as a Work at Home Mom

Stay at Home Mom - 5 PLR Articles (limited to 150 licenses)

  • How to Save Time on House Cleaning as a Stay at Home Mom
  • Making the Transition from Working to Staying at Home
  • 5 Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job to Become a Stay at Home Mom
  • Time Management Tips for Stay at Home Moms 
  • How to Find Time for Yourself as a Stay at Home Mom 

All of the PLR content packs mentioned here, are available at Net PLR

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