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Easy PLR Limited Edition Small Business and Network Marketing PLR Content

Okay, so far I've listed the details for Easy PLR's limited edition PLR content for Health and Fitness, Food, Family and Parenting, House and Home and Holiday and Travel. Next is Easy PLR's business related PLR content... mainly, small business PLR content and Network Marketing PLR content.

So, here's the business related PLR content from Easy PLR, one of the best PLR content providers:

Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business – 10 PLR Articles (105 of 150 licenses remaining)

  • Advertising
  • Giving Away Services
  • Guest Blogging
  • Offline Networking
  • Online Networking
  • Referrals
  • Search Engines
  • Sell Info Products
  • Speaking at Events
  • Work With Other VAs

Online Writing Profits – 10 PLR Articles (135 of 150 licenses remaining)

  • Adding Personality To Your Writing
  • Best Practices For Ghostwriters
  • Content Delivery Checklist
  • Ghostwriting Faster With a Planned Writing Process
  • How to Avoid Losing Clients as a Ghostwriter
  • Personality Traits of a Great Ghostwriter
  • Types of Content You Can Ghostwrite
  • Understanding Your Clients and Their Content Needs
  • What to do When Ghostwriting Jobs Dry Up
  • What to Charge for Ghostwriting Services

Direct Sales Party Planning – 15 PLR Articles (82 of 100 licenses remaining)

  • Are Your Parties More Like a Party or a Snoozefest?
  • Are You Hiding Behind Email?
  • Can’t Seem to Get Anyone to Book a Party?
  • Cash and Carry at Your Home Parties
  • Don’t Freak Out Over Your Launch Party
  • Giving Away Some Products Can Gain You Much
  • Hostess Coaching is Vital in This Business
  • Home Parties are No Place for Wallflowers
  • Invitations Who How When
  • I Drove All That Way for One Person
  • Need Help Getting Bookings in December?
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Overcoming Challenges of Booking Home Parties
  • Theme Party Ideas Not Found on Most Lists
  • Your Role as a Party Plan Consultant

Direct Sales: Motivating your Team – 5 PLR Articles (sold out. no licenses remaining)

  • Motivate Your Team For Higher Profits
  • Motivate Your Team With Training Sessions
  • Motivate Your Team Using These 5 Simple Ideas
  • Motivate Your Team By Understanding These 4 Basic Learning Styles
  • Motivate Your Team Through Communication

So, why did I mention this PLR content pack even though it's sold out? Well, I suppose I just wanted to let you know that Easy PLR's content is in demand... which is no surprise since they provide high quality limited edition PLR content. So, if you want their PLR content, you have to act fast.

Direct Sales Team Building – 15 PLR Articles (90 of 100 licenses remaining)

  • Communication Style Compatibility is Key When Shopping for a Sponsor
  • Develop Systems to Aid Recruiting Efforts
  • Do Team Incentives Really Drive Results?
  • Direct Sales Requires Always Planning Ahead
  • How Using Snail Mail Can Help Maintain Your Online Customer Base
  • Not the Most Outgoing Consultant?
  • No Inventory Required Though Having Some Can Greatly Grow Your Business
  • Party Plan Pay Plan
  • Read This If You Befriend Your Team Members on Facebook
  • Surviving the J-Months (January June July)
  • Saving Time on Routine Tasks Affords You More Time to Build Your Team
  • The Secret to Getting Help with Your Direct Sales Business
  • Working with Many Women Can Be Hormonally Challenging
  • Where to Find Time to Work Your Business
  • You Don’t Have to Know All the Answers

Direct Sales Marketing – 15 PLR Articles (100 of 100 remaining)

  • 6 Common Errors to Avoid When Naming Your Website
  • Door to Door Advertising – Good or Bad Idea?
  • Does Your Marketing Material Look Homemade?
  • How eBay Can Help Your Direct Sales Business
  • How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Direct Sales Business?
  • Is that Marketing Suggestion Really Such a Good Idea?
  • If You Don’t Sell Candy, Don’t Use It as a Giveaway
  • Not Everyone Loves That List of 100
  • No Gimmicks Necessary If You Represent a Solid Product
  • Photo Business Cards Aren’t Just for Realtors
  • Should an Online Business Be 100% Online?
  • Sample Your Way to a Successful Direct Sales Business
  • The Fate of Leftover Catalogs
  • Vista Print Can Be One of Your Best Friends
  • What’s the Big Deal About Blogs?

All of these limited edition PLR content packs are only available from Easy PLR. If you want any of these PLR content packs (with the exception of "Direct Sales: Motivating Your Team" because it's sold out), you can buy them over at Easy PLR

Click here to go to Easy PLR

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