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Easy PLR Limited Edition Personal Finance PLR Content and a Glipse of PLR Me

In my quest to list all of the limited edition PLR content from Easy PLR, by category... I've somehow managed to list the content for Family and Parenting, House and Home, Holiday and Travel, Health and Fitness, Internet Marketing, Business and Food. Next up is the Personal Finance niche.

How this quest started... I don't know. I guess it just happened. But, since I've already covered most of the niches, I might as well finish it.

What happens after I've listed Easy PLR's content? Hmm, good question. I guess I'll move on to the next PLR content provider. There's no real point to me creating these lists, so I guess I'll stop when I get bored of listing PLR content from various PLR content providers. Moving on...

But, before I list the Personal Finance PLR content from Easy PLR, I want to mention PLR content from another PLR content provider. Why? Well, since I'm already talking about Personal Finance PLR content, I figure it would be a good idea to talk a little about one of the best PLR content providers for the finance niche... PLR Me.

PLR Me - The Best in Finance PLR Content 
PLR Me has 2 main PLR content membership sites. One provides Self Help PLR Content and the other Finance PLR content (which is the one I want to focus on here).

As a member of the Finance PLR Content membership, each month you'll get:
  • 1 Personal Finance report each month
  • 10 Finance Articles (500+ words)
  • 10 Action Guides (worksheets, and more)
  • 1 Video-Ready PowerPoint Presentation
Even if you don't want to be a member, you can still get finance related PLR content from PLR Me since they actually have a number of massive PLR content packs outside of the membership, that is sold separately.

For example, PLR Me has a Money Management PLR pack and a Saving and Investing PLR pack.

In the Money Management PLR Pack, you get:
  • 3 Economic Management Power Points 
  • 6 Money Reports 
  • 19 Money Management Action Guides 
  • 33 Money-Related Articles 
In the Saving and Investing PLR Pack, you get:
  • 3 Investing-Related Power Points
  • 6 Saving and Investing Reports 
  • 14 Saving and Investing Action Guides
  • 31 Saving Articles 
The reason why I think PLR Me is one of the best in Finance PLR content, is that their finance PLR packages contain a variety of professionally packaged and presented, high quality PLR content.

Click here to go to PLR Me

List of Personal Finance PLR content
Okay, let's get back to listing Easy PLR's limited edition personal finance PLR content. Here's the personal finance content that's currently available at Easy PLR (I've also included the Real Estate PLR content here since there was only 1 pack under this category... and 1 licenses left):

Stock Market Trading For Fun And Profit – 10 PLR Articles (38 of 100 licenses remaining)
  • A Quick Lesson In Stock Trading Basics
  • Day Trading Is Not For The Faint of Heart
  • Penny Stocks Carry Risk Beyond Worth
  • Study The Market Trend’s Big Picture To Avoid Panic
  • Simple Trip Around The Major Stock Indexes
  • Sell A Stock With Your Head And Your Heart
  • Use Charts To Buy Technology Stocks
  • Use Charts To Buy China-Based Stocks
  • What Is Fundamental Analysis And Why Do I Need One?
  • What Is Technical Analysis And Why Do I Need One?
Budget Travel Solutions – 10 PLR Articles (89 of 150 licenses remaining)
  • Create A Travel Budget You Can Stick To
  • Discover Surprising Vacation Destinations Close to Home
  • Enjoy Vacation Meals On A Budget With Creative Planning
  • Experience It All Within Your Budget On Your Family Vacation
  • Experience A European Vacation Without Breaking The Budget
  • Find Last Minute Travel Deals For Your Flexible Vacation Plans
  • Go Camping With Your Family On A Shoestring Budget
  • Stretch Your Travel Dollars To Get More Vacation Fun
  • Singles Vacation Options Are Wide Open Even On A Budget
  • Take A Luxury Cruise On A Less Than Luxurious Budget
Moving on the Cheap – 9 PLR Articles (106 of 150 licenses remaining)
  • 5 Ways To Save Money by DIYing
  • Money Saving Tips & Tricks To Packing Your House
  • Using Professional Movers To Save You Time & Money
  • Using Checklists, Budgets & Timelines To Save Money Moving
  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House
  • Making Money When Moving
  • 3 Ways To Stretch Your Moving Budget
  • 10 Cheap Tips For Packing For Your Move
  • 5 Tips To Save Money When You Get Where You’re Going
Weddings on the Cheap – 11 PLR Articles (54 of 150 licenses remaining)
  • Be Your Own Wedding Planner and Save Money
  • Evaluating Wedding Vendors: Does the Price Match the Service?
  • Fun Reception Alternatives
  • Low-Cost Wedding Locales
  • Quick Ways to Save Money on Wedding Planning
  • Save Big Wedding Bucks and Skip the Flowers
  • Taking the Wedding Into Your Own Hands: When (and When Not!) To “Do-It-Yourself.”
  • Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
  • The Wedding Budget: Where Not to Pinch Pennies
  • The Crafty Wedding: How Your Skills Can Save Cash
  • 5 Cheap Centerpieces (That Look Rich)
Personal Security Online – 5 PLR Articles (75 of 150 licenses remaining)
  • Are You at Risk of Identity Theft Online?
  • How to Protect Yourself While Banking Online
  • Safely Shopping Online
  • Email Security and Password Protection Online
  • Keeping Safe While Socializing Online on Facebook & Forums
Foreclosure Investing – 10 PLR Articles (1 of 100 licenses remaining)
  • Foreclosure Bidding Strategies
  • Finding Funds For Foreclosures
  • Finding the Right Bank
  • How to Invest In Foreclosures
  • How to Flip a Foreclosure
  • Protecting Your Foreclosure Rights
  • Top 7 Foreclosure Investing Tips
  • Top 10 Foreclosure Cities
  • Where to Find Foreclosures
  • What to Look for In Foreclosures
Yes, there's only 1 licenses left to the Foreclosure Investing PLR Article pack. Normally I'd say that since all these packs are limited edition PLR content, I'd say you need to act fast. But, in the case of the Foreclosure Investing PLR Articles pack... I guess you'd have to act insanely fast.

Chances are, by the time that you go to Easy PLR, that last license to the Foreclosure Investing Pack will be gone. But, don't despair... there's plenty of other Personal Finance PLR content that's still available.

All of these PLR content packs are available at Easy PLR.

Click here to go to Easy PLR

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