Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Easy PLR Limited Edition Holiday and Travel PLR Content

So far, I've already provided some detail about Easy PLR's Health and Fitness, Food and Family and Parenting limited edition PLR content. Next up is Easy PLR's Holiday and Travel related PLR content.

Here's the limited edition Holiday and Travel PLR content that's currently available from Easy PLR:

Vacation Travel Ideas for Singles – 5 PLR Articles (sold out. No licenses remaining)
  • Adventure Vacations For Singles
  • Guided Tours for Singles
  • Singles Cruises For All Ages
  • Take A Singles Spa Vacation
  • The Beach Is Perfect For A Singles Vacation
Yes, I know this pack is sold out, yet I'm still listing it here. There's a perfectly logical reason. I just wanted you to know that if you don't act fast, you'll lose your chance to get the content that you really want.

Anyway, as far as the rest of the packs that I'm about to mention... there's still some licenses available.

Discover Disney World – 10 PLR Articles (41 of 100 licenses remaining)
  • A Quick Tour Of The Disney Parks
  • Choosing A Disney Accommodation That Suits You
  • Disney Attractions You Don’t Want To Miss
  • Exploring The Wonderful World Of Dining At Disney
  • How To Get Around Within The Disney Parks
  • How To Save Money On Your Disney Vacation
  • Must Visit Places In Disney
  • Traveling With Pets? Disney Offers Pets A Home Away From Home
  • Tips For Choosing Disney Vacation Packages
  • To Dine Or Not To Dine At Disney
First Time Cruising Guide – 10 PLR Articles (105 of 150 licenses remaining)
  • 5 things Every First Time Cruiser Should Know
  • 12 Common Cruise Terms For Newbies
  • How to Pick A Specialty Cruise
  • Options For Cruising Solo
  • Packing Like a Cruising Pro
  • Secrets For Booking Your Cruise With The Mouse
  • Top 5 Cruises For Seniors
  • Top 6 Tips For Cruising With Children
  • Top 7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Cruising Dollar
  • Top 10 Things To Do While Cruising

Christmas on the Cheap – 10 PLR Articles (50 of 150 licenses remaining)

  • 10 Ways To Do Christmas Cheap
  • How To Plan For Christmas All Year Long
  • 4 Little Known Benefits to Spending Less at Christmas
  • How To Spend Less and Give More This Christmas
  • How To Have a “Make Under” Christmas
  • 5 Myths About An Inexpensive Christmas
  • 5 Tricks To Spending Less Over Christmas
  • The Truth About Christmas Spending and Debt
  • What To Do With All The Money You Saved By Spending Less This Christmas
  • 7 Ways For College Students To Give Christmas Gifts Without Spending Money

All of these Holiday and Travel Packs (well, apart from the first one) are available and can be purchased at Easy PLR.

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