Monday, 5 November 2012

Dynamic Six Pack Abs Free PLR eBook

I got this health and fitness related PLR eBook as a Gold member of Resell Rights Weekly. The PLR license allows me to give the eBook away, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Click here to download this PLR eBook for free

If you're already a gold member of Resell Rights Weekly, then you already have access to this eBook. Just in case you're wondering, Gold members are members who have upgraded from a free membership to paid membership. Just log into the members area, go to the PLR/RR Vault and go into the October 2011 folder.

If you're not a member, you can sign up for a free membership to Resell Rights Weekly. However, free members only have access to a fraction of what paid members have access to.

On a side note, I'm convinced Resell Rights Weekly is the best free PLR and Resell Rights membership. So it may be worth checking out. Anyway, back to the Six Pack Abs PLR eBook...

Dynamic Six Pack Abs is just one of the free PLR eBooks that you can download from PLR Insight. If you want to download more free PLR eBooks, I compiled a list of over 100 free PLR and MRR products... although, the majority of them are MRR products.

Now, I have not read the eBook yet... and I'm probably not going to. But, I guess I should say something about the eBook, so here goes...

This is a 30 page PLR eBook on the topic of six-pack abs. The eBook is broken up into 8 chapters, which I've listed below:

  • Dynamic Six Pack Abs
  • Why Do You Want Them?
  • Why Six Packs Elude Most People
  • What Have You Tried Before?
  • Why Most People Gain it Back
  • Changing Your Lifestyle
  • The Exercises
  • To Get A Six Pack

Let's see... what else could I say... nope, I think that's it. The eBook is just text. The only picture to look at, is the cover picture. As I said, I have no intention of reading the eBook any time soon, so that's it for me.

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