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Constant Supply of Quality Food and Recipes PLR Content

Let's talk about food... well, maybe recipes... actually, let's talk about both. But, since this is a blog about PLR content... I guess I should rather talk about food and recipe PLR content. So, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to tell you about the best (well, to me anyway) food and recipe PLR content provider... Yummy PLR.

Let's Talk Food
Why talk about food? Well, there's no doubt that the Food and Beverage niche is a massive niche. I mean, everybody needs to eat.

Not only that, but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people interested in food. I'm pretty sure there's something called "foodies" or something. Surely that's some indicator... indicating there's people interested in food. Anyway, just accept that there's a lot of people interested in food... seriously, it just makes sense.

The food and beverage niche is a massive and profitable niche. People want to know what food to eat, how to prepare food, interesting or fun or easy recipes, recipes that incorporates some new random cooking equipment they bought because they saw a TV advert for it... etc. So yes, it's a profitable niche.

The Best in Food and Recipe PLR Content
So, lets say you're interested in this niche... where do you get the content? If you want to get attention... 1 or 2 recipes won't cut it. You're going to need a lot of high quality Food and recipe content. But, where are you going to get food and recipe related PLR content?

The answer is... Yummy PLR.

Yummy PLR is the only PLR content provider that is focused only on providing Food PLR Articles and Recipes. In other words, they specialize in Food and Recipe related PLR content. What does this mean for you? Well, if you want high quality food and recipe PLR content, Yummy PLR is a good place to start looking.

I'm convinced that when it comes to food and recipe PLR content, then Yummy PLR is the best.

A Constant Supply of Recipe and Food PLR Content
Yummy PLR is a PLR content membership site. As a member, you'll receive 10 very informative Cooking and Food PLR Articles and 30 Recipes each month. The content for each month is normally centered around a them.

So, as a member, you can expect a constant supply of fresh food and recipe PLR content.

Limited Edition PLR Content...
Yummy PLR actually limits the amount of members. So, I guess you could see the content as being limited edition PLR content, in that only a limited amount of people will have access to the same PLR content as you.

I've already said before how I think that limited edition PLR content is the best PLR content to use. So, the fact that Yummy PLR limits the amount of members, just means that the PLR content will be more useful to you.

Yummy PLR is limited to only 250 members... so if you want to get access to the content, you have to act fast... before all the available membership spots are taken

PLR Content for Everybody... including Non Members
Even if you're not a member, you can still get access to Yummy PLR Content. How? Well, Yummy PLR is also selling some Food and Recipes PLR Content outside of the membership. Anyone, even non members can buy that PLR content.

This PLR content is different from the PLR content that's in the membership. In other words, if you want to get access to the PLR content within the Yummy PLR membership, you have to be a member. But, if you want to get the PLR content packs that's being sold individually on the Yummy PLR site, then you have to buy it from the site (you won't find that content in the membership).

This is completely fair. This way, Yummy PLR content for it's membership is exclusively available just to members. But, at the same time, even non members can still get access to high quality Recipe and Food PLR content.

High Quality Food and Recipe PLR Content
Every piece of Yummy PLR content is original. In other words, the content was written for Yummy PLR... you won't be able to buy that PLR content from anywhere else, except from Yummy PLR. This applies to the Yummy PLR membership content and the PLR content sold individually on the Yummy PLR site.

So, if you want that specific food and recipe PLR content, you have to buy it from Yummy PLR.

Yummy PLR content is written by highly qualified writers who are knowledgeable in the food and cooking industry. Not only that, but the content is proofread and edited, to ensure that you only get high quality PLR content.

Surprising Value for Money
When it comes to PLR content, most PLR content providers price their PLR content at $1-$2 per page or per Article.

But, if you take into account the fact that you're getting 40 pieces of PLR content (10 PLR articles and 30 recipes)... the membership fee seems small. You're getting a piece of PLR content for less that $1.

Even the PLR recipe packs that's sold separately, works out to far less than $1 per recipe. IT seems like the Food PLR articles works out to about $1 per article (which is a normal price for high quality PLR content) and $0.25 per Recipe (which is incredible). Look at it this way, $1 gets you 4 recipes... seriously, how cool is that.

In other words, you're getting high quality PLR content at a very reasonable price.

What makes them the best in this niche
Given Yummy PLR's dedication and focus on producing Food and Recipe PLR content, their high quality standards and being able to provide fresh PLR content month after month... as well as providing value for money... I'm convinced that Yummy PLR is definitely the best food and recipe PLR content provider

A Taste of Yummy PLR Content
As I mentioned earlier, Yummy PLR also sells food and recipe PLR content outside of their membership. Anybody can buy this PLR content. And, since this PLR content is not available in the membership area... this content is for non members and members.

To buy any of these food and recipe PLR content packs, all you have to do is go to Yummy PLR and scroll down until you reach the section of the page listing all PLR content packs that's available for purchase.

Here's a list of all of the PLR content packs that's currently available and that you can buy immediately:

  • 4th of July Desserts (40 PLR recipes)
  • Christmas Desserts Article Pack (10 PLR Articles)
  • Christmas Candy Recipe Pack (41 PLR recipes)
  • Crock Pot Cooking Article Pack (10 PLR Articles)
  • Crock Pot Soup Recipe Pack (30 PLR recipes)
  • Dinner for Two Recipe Pack (40 PLR recipes)
  • Easter Recipe Pack (40 PLR recipes)
  • Easy Vegetarian Recipe Pack (40 PLR recipes)
  • Easy Chicken in the Crock Pot Recipe Pack (40 PLR recipes)
  • Father's Day Recipes (40 PLR recipes)
  • Fruit PLR Article Pack (10 PLR Articles)
  • Memorial Day Recipe Pack (40 PLR recipes)
  • New Year's Appetizers Recipe Pack (40 PLR recipes)
  • Quick & Healthy Fruit Snacks (40 PLR recipes)
  • Quick & Healthy Veggie Snacks for Kids (40 PLR recipes)
  • St. Patrick's Day Recipe Pack (40 PLR recipes)
  • Summer Backyard Party Fun (80 PLR recipes)
  • Summer Time Smoothie Recipes (40 PLR recipes)
  • Thanksgiving Day Casseroles (40 PLR recipes)

Buy any of these PLR content packs over at Yummy PLR

So, if you want to grab 1 of the 250 membership spots or if you want to buy some of the food and recipe content packs from the best PLR content provider in this niche, go to Yummy PLR.

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Strawberries in White Bowl by Alisdair
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