Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Breaking Apart Fiverr PLR Articles for a PLR Experiment

In a previous post, I mentioned a new PLR experiment that I wanted to start.... where I would take a piece of PLR content, break it apart and try to confirm the accuracy of the information in that PLR content. This is the first attempt at that experiment...

The PLR content that I'm going to be using for this experiment is a pack of 5 limited edition PLR Articles on Fiverr that I bought a while back from Easy PLR, one of the best PLR content providers for limited edition PLR content, that I've seen.

Anyway, these are the articles that I'm going to be using:
  • What Is Fiverr.com 
  • Introduction To Buying Services On Fiverr
  • Things You Can Outsource using Fiverr
  • How To Find Good People On Fiverr
  • Building Your Outsourcing Team Using Fiverr

If you want PLR to these Fiverr Articles, you can get it at  Easy PLR... but as I said, it is a limited edition pack, so once all the licenses are sold, then the pack is no longer available. 

What I'm going to do
I'll take each article and highlight points made, then I'll try to confirm those points. If I'm able to confirm those points without needing to do additional research, either because the point is a logical point or I agree with the point based on my own experiences... then I won't do additional research. It's not because I'm lazy... it's because some points don't require any research and I'm lazy. 

This experiment really is as simple as that. Time consuming, sure... but simple nonetheless. Anyway, I'm about to break apart the first PLR Article, "What Is Fiverr.com."

So, let's get started...

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