Friday, 16 November 2012

Big Limited Edition Health PLR Content Bundle

All Private Label Content released a huge collection of health related PLR content. This PLR content bundle contains 150 health related PLR articles.

At the time of writing this, there were only 43 licenses available.

The fact that only a few copies of this content bundle will be sold, leads me to believe that this is limited edition PLR content. However, I have no idea what the maximum amount of licenses are, for this pack.

Limited edition PLR?
It's a little confusing, because on this health PLR content bundle was created from content from All Private Label Content's archives from 2007.

So, I don't know if the limited amount of licenses takes into account previous sales, or if it just refers to licenses of the newly packaged content bundle.

So yes, I'm calling it limited edition PLR content... but be mindful that the total number of people that have access to the same content as you, appears unclear.

Opportunity to save
If you don't mind that, then this may be a good deal for you, considering that you're getting 150 pieces of health related PLR content, for $25. Normally, PLR content is priced at at least $1 per page/article.  So, there seems to be an opportunity to save some money on health related PLR content.

The other side
But, before you get caught up in the massive saving... you have to be aware that the content, well not all the content at least, was created recently. The fact that this PLR content bundle from All Private Label Content contains health related PLR articles from their archives as early as 2007, means that not all of the information may still be applicable.

I cannot say much, because I don't know much about health related PLR content. I don't know whether health related PLR content can become irrelevant or outdated... or if it does get outdated, how fast it would take for that information to become outdated.

So, you'll have to decide whether you can still use that information before you buy it. There will probably be at least some of the PLR articles that's still relevant even today... but like I said, I don't know much about health related PLR content.

Getting health related PLR content
If you are looking for health related PLR content, I've just finished compiling a list of health and fitness related PLR content that's available for multiple PLR content providers.

If you would like to buy this PLR content bundle or you just want to know the titles of the articles that's part of this content bundle, you can do so over at All Private Label Content

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