Monday, 5 November 2012

Attracting New Clients PLR Training Package will be Removed by Friday

The 4 part PLR training package on Attracting New Clients will no longer be available as of Friday this week. So, if you're interested in this PLR package and have not yet bought it, then you may want to make a move before it's gone... gone forever (cue dramatic music playing in the background).

Last week Thursday I mentioned that this PLR training package was a limited edition PLR training course by Special Report Club, where only 250 licenses would be sold. Turn out, it's even more limited than I thought. Regardless of whether all 250 licenses are sold by Friday 9 Novemeber, this package will be removed from the market.

This package contains 4 step by step training modules and includes assignments for each module. The modules are as follows:
  • Client Strategy and Preparation (23 pages, 5316 words)
  • Setting Up Your Systems (20 pages, 4406 words)
  • Get Clients While You Sleep (20 pages, 3094 words)
  • Follow Up and Retention (23 pages, 5547 words)
So once again, if you're considering buying this package, you may want to pick up the pace, before it's too late. As of right now, there are only 129 licenses available...

You can find out more, including how many licenses are still available, over at Special Report Club.

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