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Appetizing Apples Video PLR experiment

This is the first video project in a series of 10 projects that make up the 10 Fruity videos PLR experiment. As stated in the post explaining the project, I have a time limit of 30 minutes to produce a complete short video.

The articles that I'm using for this experiment are PLR articles on Fruit, that I bought from Yummy PLR.

For this project, I'm using the Apple PLR Article.

Within 30 minutes, I have to read the article and find some points to use in the video, find pictures for the video, put everything together in Animoto and add music. Once everything is added to Animoto, I'll consider the video as done, since Animoto actually creates the video.

Okay, the experiment starts in 3, 2, 1... go

***5 minutes 25 seconds***

I've read through the article and highlighted a few points. I started by highlighting some points that I could use in yellow. However, while reading the article I noticed that the apple article talked about various things you could do with apples.

So, I'm thinking that maybe I could have a single line saying something like:

  • Different ways to eat apples, or
  • Different ways to enjoy apples, or
  • What to do with Apples

Well... something along those lines.

I've identified 7 facts or points about apples, but I only need about 2 or 3 points. Since I like the idea of adding ideas for apple recipes... so 2 points should be enough

***11 minutes 52 seconds***

I just finished putting 3 points on slides, each point on it's own slide. I also put the "Different ways to enjoy apples" text on a slide. I'll convert each of the slides into an image. These images will get added along with the pictures that I find to create the video.

I still need to create 2 more slides before I can convert them to an image file... 1 slide for the image credits and 1 slide mentioning PLR Insight.

The points that I those were points that mentioned that apples are available all year round, that they fall when ripe and that apples come in many varieties.

I don't need slides for the apple recipe ideas because I plan on adding that text in Animoto

***26 minutes 26 seconds***

Okay, so far I found all the images that I want to use in the video. Now, I don't want to sound all negative but... I don't think I'm going to be done with this video within the 30 minute deadline. Hey, I'm just being realistic. It took a lot longer finding appropriate pictures than what I thought.

Seriously. When I searched on Fickr (using the creative commons filter) for "apples," this is what I got for the page 1 results...

And, when I searched for "green apples," this is what I got for the page 1 results.

Now, I can understand "apples," considering how big Apple electronic products are, but "green apples?" Seriously?

Anyway, here's a breakdown of the type of images I wanted:
2 photos of green apples
2 photos of red apples
1 photo of a bunch of apples
1 photo of each of the following... apple pie, applesauce, caramal apple and apple cider (these apple recipe ideas were taken from the PLR article).

Image Credits (images used in video)
Fresh Apple Pie by Kanko*
Big Green Apple by Cbransto
Caramel Apple on Stick by Nerissa's ring
Making Apple Cider by Marntzu cook
Making and Canning Applesauce by Mill56
Dusty Red Apples by Carriagehouse2011
Red Apples on Branch by iMaffo
Packed Apples on Display by Tecfan
Green Apples on Branches by London looks

 So now I have the text and images  for the video. All that's left to do, is put it all together.

***30 minutes 02 seconds***

As you can tell by the time... I didn't make it. Still, since I'm this close, I plan on finishing.

Here's what I did, up until the 30 minute mark...

Since I had all the text and images necessary to finish the Appetizing Apples video, all that was left to do was create the video.

So, I logged into Animoto and clicked the "create video" button to get the ball rolling.

The first thing you have to do, is select a style for your video. Since I was mere minutes away from my 30 minute deadline, I decided to just go with the Animoto Original style. If I had a few more minutes, I would have looked at the other styles... oh, well.

Next, I just added the text and images and arranged them in the order that I wanted.

It's at this point that I ran out of time. I just finished arranging all the images in the order that I wanted and was in the process of adding the text for "appetizing apples," when the stopwatch reached 30 minutes.

***38 minutes 02 seconds***

The "Appetizing Apples" text was added, so all that was left, was to add the text for: apple pie, applesauce, apple cider, caramel apple.

Once all that was done, I selected the music (I went with a singer/songwriter song). Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle were in place.

The final thing that I had to do was click the big "Preview Video" button so that I could see a preview of the video. If I wanted to make changes, then I could go back. But, since I was satisfied with how it looked, I clicked the "Produce" button and that was that. The video was done.

Here's what the finished video looks like...

If you're wandering how all that cool picture shifting and animations are done... it was done by Animoto. All I did was arrange the order of the text and images and selected the style and music. Animoto took care of the rest.

The image shifting and animation will vary depending on what style you choose. While I'm on the subject of Animoto videos.. the awesome thing about Animoto is that no 2 videos will look the exact same.

Okay, this part of the PLR experiment is done. Now, I know I went a little over the time limit... but still, 38 minutes isn't all that bad to create a video.

Image Credit (image on blog)
Glass Blue Apple by Aldenchadwick

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