Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A PLR Content Package on Depression with a Difference

Buy PLR Products has released a mega PLR content package on Depression. Just by looking at everything in the package, you can tell that this is definitely not your standard PLR content package.

Normally, PLR content packs are either a collection of PLR Articles, or an eBook, or a series of PLR autoresponder messages. But, this package contains various other material, in addition to a pack of PLR Articles. The way the package incorporates various content forms, it reminds me a lot of PLR Me.

This is what this mega package on Depression contains:

  • 16 Depression-Related Articles
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation
  • 14 Affirmations for My Life 
  • 1 Checklist & 1 Chart
  • 15 Inspirational Desktop Wallpapers with Quotes

If you're interested in this PLR content, you can find out more over at Buy PLR Products.

Now, I will be honest, this is not the first time I've seen these types of mega PLR content packages. Actually, quite a few PLR content providers structure their content offering into PLR content packages that contain various types and forms of content.

However, most of these types of mega packs are in the coaching, business or internet marketing niche. I haven't seen many in the self help niche, with the exception of PLR Me.

PLR Me has 2 PLR content membership sites, 1 in Self Help and the other in Finance. When it comes to Self Help PLR content, PLR Me sets the bar really high. PLR Me is currently probably the best when it comes to consistently putting together a complete PLR content package in the self help niche. So, if you're looking for more content in the Self Help niche, PLR Me is worth checking out.

Just in case you're wondering about other PLR content providers selling mega packages, 2 very good examples are Special Report Club and Coaching PLR Content. Both of these 2 providers focus mostly on coaching, business and internet marketing niches.

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