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PLR Content as a Tool and Why I Started this Blog

PLR content should be viewed as a tool, not a money making strategy. Wait. does it really matter whether you think of PLR content as a tool or a money making strategy? I think it does and in this post I'm going to explain why.

PLR Content as a Tool

Just take a moment to think about where PLR content fits in. PLR content is like ghost written content, except that the content is already created and the content is not unique to you. So, PLR content is like a cheaper (and weaker) form of ghost written content.

The one advantage that PLR content has over ghost written content, is that you don't have to wait in order to get the content. However, this advantage comes at the cost of not being able to influence the contents or style of the content.

Why am I making this comparison to ghost written content? Well, apart from the price advantage, PLR content is not really any better than ghost written content. PLR content is actually weaker than ghost written content because it's not unique to you.

Whatever you can do with PLR content, you can do with ghost written content.

I highly doubt that you'd see ghost written content as a money making strategy. Instead, you'd probably see ghost written content as a tool, just like you would royalty free music or stock photography.

You make use of ghost written content or royalty free music or stock photography to fill a need that you have. You need content for your blog, or music for your presentation or photos for your eBook or whatever. You're using the content to fill a need.

If ghost written content is more of a tool than a money making strategy, then how can you view PLR content as a money making strategy?

I've notice quite a few marketers of PLR content promote PLR content as if it was a money making method. Well... it's not. It's just a tool.

These marketers promote PLR products like a "business-in-a-box" and are quick to emphasize the "benefits" of PLR products. But, PLR content also has some serious disadvantages. If you view PLR content as a tool, then you it would make sense to carefully factor in both the pros and the cons and only use the tool (the PLR content) if it makes sense to you to use it.

PLR content is not for every body

If a tool doesn't meet your requirements, then you won't use it. If you can't accept the risk or disadvantages of a tool, then you wouldn't use it. Why should PLR content be any different. Seriously, PLR content is not for everybody.

Users of PLR content are not all those who need content, because PLR content is just one of the types of content out there. To get a better understanding of who PLR content would appeal to, you'd have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of using PLR content.

The main advantages of PLR content is that it's a lot cheaper than ghost written content and you get immediate access to the content. What about the disadvantages? Well the content is not unique to you and you can't decide the contents of the content. If you're planning on using PLR content, then you have to be willing to handle the disadvantages of PLR content as well.

At the end of the day, using PLR content is a choice.

Some people prefer to write their own content all the time or to collaborate with others. Some people have the budgets to outsource and hire ghost writers. Then there are those who use PLR content. These vary from those who uses PLR content occasionally, continually or those who just use it under special circumstances.

What about me? Where do I fit in when it comes to using PLR content? Well, I actually prefer to not use PLR content... well, not seriously anyway.

Now, I know it sounds like I'm being a hypocrite, considering that I'm the author of this blog, and you'd be right... but it doesn't stop it from being true.

Why I started this blog

The truth is, I started this blog because I was interested in the idea of PLR content and not so much because I enjoy using PLR content. I don't use PLR content seriously. The only time that I actually use PLR content is for the PLR experiments section of this blog... and even that is just for fun. I prefer to write my own content. Plus, I don't want to handle the disadvantages of using PLR content.

So why did I start a blog focused on PLR content? Well, like I said, I was fascinated by the idea of PLR content. Furthermore, I also felt like there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to PLR content and the PLR industry.

It seemed to me that there was a lot of misunderstanding when it came to the concept of PLR content. Not only that, but it and that PLR content was being misunderstood. felt that the concept of PLR content was being misunderstood and PLR content misused.

In other words, I also saw a gap in an area that I was interested in... not necessarily passionate about, but at least interested in. There was no major blogs dedicated to PLR issues, news, discussions, analysis etc. How could there be so many PLR content providers and yet not a single blog (as far as I know of) dedicated entirely to PLR?

Sure, there's blogs selling PLR content or providing updates when new content is released or blogs that have a few PLR related posts... but that's about it. Furthermore, a lot of those blogs revolve around a specific PLR content provider. But, where's the blogs that covers multiple PLR content providers. So, I decided to start a blog that's all about PLR content.

There was a clear gap that I could fill, I had an interest in the topic and there was sufficient financial opportunity by way of affiliate income promoting various PLR content providers. In other words, it made complete sense for me to start this blog.

This blog is not going to try to convince you to use PLR content or promote it was a good thing. Nor is this blog going to try to convince you that PLR content is a bad thing. Instead, this blog is for those who have already decided to use PLR content. Like I said, PLR content is not for everybody.

A Matter of Perspective

Okay, enough about my hypocrisy and back to why PLR content should be viewed as a tool and not a money making strategy...

You don't create eBooks or web content or videos or slideshows or whatever because you have PLR content. You create those things because you want to create those things and you decide to use PLR content to help you create that which you want.

Aren't the 2 points the same thing? No, the motive behind the 2 points are different. I'm finding it a little difficult to find the words to make my point clear, so instead I'm going to use an example.

Scenario 1
You have a pack of PLR articles and you want to use it to make money. You hear a lot of people mentioning how easy it is to create an eBook by using PLR articles. You put all the articles together in a single document and create an eCover. Great you have an eBook is a short amount of time. Who cares that it's a weak eBook that probably isn't even worth reading... at least you can sell it as an eBook, right?

Well, for starters, you should care. The whole point of creating an eBook is because you want people to read it. The problem with this viewpoint is that your focus is just on making a sale, not on making a great product. Your focus is on the money, not on the reader or customer.

Why the rush anyway? Why do you want to create a product as quick as possible? Taking your time to create 1 awesome product is way better than creating 100 mediocre products quickly.

Regardless of the type of product, whether it's an eBook, or video or blog post or whatever, quality is always better than quantity. The internet made it extremely easy to get access to the information that you want which means the reader or potential customer has way more choices and you have more competition. Average products no longer cut it.

Scenario 2
You decide you want to create an eBook. But, you don't know where to start, or what should be in the eBook. Instead of starting from scratch, you decide to use PLR articles as the base of your eBook. You find a pack of PLR articles that addresses some interesting issues in your chosen niche. 

However, after reading the articles, you notice that the articles don't flow smoothly into one another. You also pick up some weak areas in the content... areas that could be expanded. You also notice some sections that you could explain better.

So, now that you have a base, you start working on the eBook. You do additional research on the areas you've noted that the articles are lacking. You remove sections that you feel is unnecessary. You rewrite other areas. You add examples and illustrations... etc. You keep working on the eBook until you're satisfied with the end product. You're finished and can't wait for people to read it.

Wait, more research, editing, rewriting, adding, finding examples... doesn't that sound like a lot of time and effort? Well, yes... that's correct. What's wrong with that? If you want to create a really great end product then you'll still have to put in time and effort.

PLR content allows you to get a kickstart... a little boost if you will. PLR content allows you to take less time than if you started from scratch. It's doesn't mean that you'll be able to create a great product in a short amount of time.

If you see PLR content as a tool, you're more likely to keep on working on the product until it reaches a quality you're happy with. Why? Well, you most likely already had an idea of what you want the end product to be like.

If you see PLR content as just a quick way to create the end product, you're more likely to produce something of mediocre quality or lacking personality. Why? Well, your aim is to get to an end product as soon as possible instead of reaching a specific level of quality first.

The one perspective is on quality and the other is on getting to an end product as soon as possible. Now, you may think that Well, I think that the sooner you see PLR content as a tool instead of a money making strategy, the more you'll benefit from PLR content.

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