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Free PLR and Resell Rights Membership - Resell Rights Weekly

Resell Rights Weekly is a free PLR and Resell Rights membership site that gives members the option to upgrade to paid members.

(Please note, this post contains affiliate links)

As a free member, you get access to free PLR and MRR products and more products gets added each month. However, a free member only has access to a very small amount of the downloads within the Resell Rights Weekly membership. If you want access to all the downloads within the membership, you'll have to upgrade to a paid member.

The downloads that a paid member, also referred to as Gold members, has access to ranges from PLR, MRR, RR and Personal Use Rights downloads.

Upgrading is easy. All you have to do is sign up for a free membership, log in to the membership area and click on the "upgrade now" tab. Once you click on the "upgrade now" tab, you be taken to a page with explains, in detail, what the paid membership has to offer.

Free members have access to the following areas within the membership site:

Free Members have access to the following...

Free Member Downloads – This is where you can find all the downloads that free members have access to.
Income Pro – This is a profit-sharing program that you can sign up for

Installation Service – installation services offered at discounted rates

Tools – A List of useful tools and where to find them

Paid members have access to everything that a free member has access to, as well as:

Current Gold Downloads – This is where all of the downloads for the current month gets added. Once a new month starts, the downloads of the previous month gets added to the PLR/RR Vault

PLR/RR Vault – This is where the majority of the downloads (apart for the current month's) are kept. The PLR/RR Vault is further divided into months for each year.

Each month for each year contains all the downloads that was originally added to the membership during that month. e.g. all of the downloads that was added during June 2011 can be found in the June 2011 folder within the PLR/RR Vault.

The PLR/RR Vault contains downloads going as far back as 2007.

If you would like to get a detailed list of some of the downloads that is within the PLR/RR Vault, you can download the free resource, The 2012 PLR and Resell Rights Download Guide.

Product Search – This allows you to search for products by typing in a keyword
Online University – this section contains learning material on internet marketing topics.

PLR Articles – This is where you can download PLR article packs. So far, at least 1 pack of PLR Articles has been added each month since January 2011.

The Goldmine – This section contains more downloads, but the focus of these downloads are products that would be useful to use in your internet marketing projects

Here are some examples of recent Goldmine Downloads:
  • 1500+ Niche Header Graphics (personal use rights)
  • Audio Video Platinum V4 (includes Private Label Rights)
  • 300 Logo Templates (includes Resell Rights)
  • 1400 Images & Background Graphics (personal use rights)
  • Graphic Design Blowout (personal use rights)
  • Royalty Free Music Collection (includes Private Label Rights)
Profit Maker Sites – contains niche websites from Profit Maker Club that you can download. Each month new niche websites are added and the previous month's websites are removed.

Here are some examples of niche websites that's currently available for download:
  • Adwords Marketing
  • Baby Boomers
  • Body Building
  • Copywriting
  • Fly Fishing
  • Home Automation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Motor Homes
  • Overcoming Stress
Pro Hosting – Free professional hosting offered by Resell Rights Weekly to Gold members. Here's what you get as a Gold member:
  • free professional hosting 
  • 800 MB of disc space
  • 8,000 MB monthly bandwidth
Outsourcing Training – over 150 illustrated Outsourcing Training Guides that explains how to carry out various internet marketing related tasks. These guides could be used by you, or you could give them to the person that you outsource tasks to, to assist them in completing the task required by you.

Here are some examples of available Outsourcing Training Guides:
  • Moderating comments in Blogger (Blogger Management)
  • Make a new post in Blogger (Blogger Management)
  • Adding Adsense to a Blogger blog (Blogger Management)
  • Open a QuickBooks file (Bookkeeping)
  • Create an account in Quickbooks (Bookkeeping)
  • Downloading PayPal History to Quickbooks (Bookkeeping)
  • Forward email addresses (Cpanel Management)
  • Set up an autoresponse  (Cpanel Management)
  • Set up a subdomain  (Cpanel Management)
  • Registering A Domain Name (Internet Based Family Web Builder)
  • Add images to web page (Internet Based Family Web Builder)
  • Format page text (Internet Based Family Web Builder)
Profit Blueprints – This section contains the Millionaire Profits Blueprint downloads

Backlink Builder – contains useful information related to building backlinks

Marketing Roadmap – videos on various internet marketing topics

Here are some examples of videos within the Marketing Roadmap:
  • Advanced Blogging & Traffic (9 videos with transcripts)
  • Affiliate Sales Blueprint (13 videos)
  • Amazon Kindle Easy Cash (7 videos with transcripts)
  • Amazon Marketplace Masterclass (1 video with 1 report)
  • Become A Social Media Marketing Manager (8 videos)
  • Business Webinar Strategies (4 videos with checklists)
  • Camtasia Cash Secrets (20 videos)
  • Clickbank Paycheck Secrets (9 videos with transcripts)
  • Creating Amazon Review Sites (18 videos)
  • Facebook App Profits (7 videos with transcripts)
  • Fiverr Mine (7 videos with transcripts)
Newbies Start Here – more videos on internet marketing related topics

Templates Daily – contains templates that you can download and use

Here are some of the reasons why I like Resell Rights Weekly...

Easy to navigate around membership area
It's easy to find exactly what you're looking for. My only criticism regarding the layout and navigation, is that the PLR/MRR/RR downloads are not categorized by niche as well. So, if you want to find products for a particular niche, either you have to search the PLR/RR Vault one month at a time, or you have to use the Product Search function. 

You get value for money
The membership fee is $20 per month, which is a lot less than most other PLR and Resell Rights membership sites. Considering all that you get, including access to over 60 new PLR and Resell Rights downloads each month, you get value for money.

The membership site has current downloads

I have seen a fair amount of downloads that have been added to the membership area not long after the product was launched or the product was requested from someone on the Resell Rights Weekly forum.

To prove that I'm not making this up, I read some product request forum posts (a member of the RRW forum can request products to be added to the RRW membership, by posting on the forum) and found the following:

  • On the 3 August 2012, someone requested the 300 Logo Templates package. The package went live as a WSO on the warrior forum on the 31 July 2012 and was added to the RRW membership on the 2 August 2012, a day before the RRW forum member requested it. If you are a RRW Gold member, you can find the download in the Goldmine section of the membership. 

  • On the 7 August 2012, a RRW forum member requested PLR Powerhouse to be added. The product went live on the 4 August 2012. The product was added to the RRW forum on the 6 August, a day before that particular member requested it and only 2 days after the product went live. 

  • On the 13 August 2012 the product, Udemy Profits, was requested and was added to the RRW membership on the 14 August. 

Now, I'm in no way saying that products requested will always be added on the same day or only a few days later. But, what I am saying is that as far as I have seen, if the product can be added to a membership site, then it does get added and without any major delay.

So here's the point that I'm making: the downloads on the RRW membership are current downloads. Why is this important? Well, think of it this way, you have a much better chance selling and promoting products that are current and that contain information that is relevant. 

The whole point of a MRR or RR product is to sell it. No one wants to buy outdated products. The same for PLR, even if you plan on using the PLR product instead of selling it, you still want to use PLR content that is current and relevant.

For this reason, it's important for a PLR and Resell Rights membership to offer products that are both current and contain information that is relevant.

When you request a product, it gets taken seriously
There is a section within the Resell Rights Weekly forum where you can request for a specific product to be added to the Resell Rights Weekly membership site.

From what I have seen, if a forum member requests a download to be added, the owner of RRW will do his best to add the product, if the product license allows the product to be added.

If a product is requested, but the license terms is unclear, he will still check it out, just to make sure that the product can be added. He will even go as far as to contact the product owner to find out if the product can be added to a membership site, if the license is unclear.

Compared to other free PLR and RR memberships
I have seen a fair amount of PLR and RR membership sites, but out of all of the sites that I have seen, Resell Rights Weekly is the best. It's for this reason that Resell Rights Weekly is the only PLR and RR membership site that I actively promote.

If you would like to sign up for a free membership to Resell Rights Weekly, click here

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