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Why Buy Private Label Rights Content

The following post is actually a chapter out of the free resource, The PLR Buyer's Guide...

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What is PLR content?

Private Label Rights (PLR for short) content is content that you can buy, that has already been created. The PLR content provider (the person/website who created the PLR content) attaches a private label rights (PLR) license on the content.

The PLR license tells you what you can and can't do with the PLR content you just bought. That PLR license applies to that specific piece of PLR content you bought... so make sure you understand the terms of the PLR license.

Even though PLR licenses may differ from one PLR content provider to the next, the one common term that you will find, is the right to edit and change the PLR content. In other words, you should think of PLR content as a starting point.

The ability to edit and make changes to the PLR content is a fundamental term, because PLR content is sold to multiple people and therefore the PLR content you buy, will not be unique to you. However, because you have the right to edit and make changes to the content, you can easily make the content unique to you.

The Major Disadvantage of PLR content

The major disadvantage of PLR content, is that it is sold to multiple people and therefore, the content is not unique to you. However, to overcome this disadvantage, all you have to do is make the content unique.

So how do you make the content unique to you?
  • Well, you could completely rewrite the content. 
  • Or, you could rewrite parts of the content. If you only change parts of it, the article won't be 100% unique... but then again, you may not not have a need for 100% unique content anyway.
  • Or you can only use parts of the PLR content and add it to other content. Another option is to add your own content to the PLR content. In other words, the PLR content is only one component of the whole piece of content.
  • What about combining different sources of PLR content together, maybe even adding some of your own content, rewriting parts of the PLR content...
How much editing, changing, mixing and value-adding to do, is really up to you. However, it's always a good idea to at least make some changes to the content.

The Major advantage of PLR content

Since PLR content is sold to multiple people, the content is cheap because the cost is covered by multiple people.

When you buy PLR content, you only pay a fraction of what it would have cost, if you had to hire someone to write the content for you. This means that you can buy high quality content, cheaply.

Who is PLR content for

Now, PLR content is not for everybody.

Some people prefer to start of with 100% unique content and to be in full control over the topic that gets covered by the content. Remember, PLR content is already created, so you have no control over what gets covered by the content.

So, instead of using PLR content, they may prefer the following:
  • write it themselves
  • hire a writer
  • outsource the writing to a ghost writer
Okay, so who would be interested in PLR content?

Well, the following people may be interested in using PLR content:
  • Those who want content quickly (You don't have to wait for the content to be created... because the content is already created. If you outsource the writing, it will be a while before you get the content, but with PLR content, you have immediate access to content)
  • Those who don't have the budget to hire a writer or to outsource the writing to a ghost writer. In other words, those who want quality content, at a fraction of the price. 
  • Those who don't mind spending some time making changes to the content if it means getting quality content quickly and cheaply (Since the content is not unique, at the very least, you want to make some changes to make it more unique)
When you buy PLR content, you want to make sure you buy well written, quality PLR content. This way, when you make changes, instead of worrying about correcting the content, you can focus on only making changes to make the content unique and add value to it.

So, if you want content quickly and cheaply, and you are not too picky about what each piece of PLR content covers... and you don't mind spending time making changes to the content... then PLR content may be for you.

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