Saturday, 18 August 2012

Is that Product even Worth Reselling in the First Place?

I've seen a fair amount of Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Resell Rights (RR) products... and the quality of the majority of products is not that impressive. Now, if a product that was created with the intention to be resold, does not offer a great deal of value, should you try to resell it? Probably not.

A waste of time and effort
Trying to promote a product that offers very little value will be difficult to market and would most likely result in only a few sales. If by some chance you do manage to make a lot of sales, how many of those customers would be happy with the product? Remember, we're talking about low value products here. Unhappy customers means an increase in refund requests and a loss of future sales.

So, why waste your time and effort reselling a product that offers very little value? If you want to resell a product, then find one that has serious value. However, finding a high-in-value Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights may be harder than you think.

The logic behind low value MRR/RR products
The reason why it may be harder to find high value MRR/RR products, is because if the product creator created something that had a huge amount of value... they would most likely sell it themselves and simply offer an affiliate program to increase sales. They can make way more money selling it themselves that they could by selling the product with MRR or RR.

For that reason, it's more common to find Master Resell Rights or Resell Rights products that have very little value than it is to find high value MRR/RR products. That is why it's so rare to find MRR/RR products that really stand out. Most MRR/RR products seem alike.

The only niche that I can think of, where it might be easier to find high quality MRR/RR products in, is the Internet Marketing/Online Business niche. The reason is simple: the product creator places a MRR/RR license because they are more interested in giving their product as much exposure as possible... as apposed to making money from that product.

From a reseller's perspective 
As a reseller, you want to resell a product that's loaded with value. If you can clearly see the value that the product offers... then promoting the product will be a whole lot easier.

Why would you want to waste your time trying to sell a product that you would not even consider buying? If you don't believe in the value of the product you're reselling, how can you expect your customers to.

I think a lot of people who start out trying to make money reselling MRR/RR products are so caught up by the idea of reselling products... that they think people will magically buy the products if they just put it out there. This leads to them trying to get their hands on as many MRR/RR products as they can, regardless of the quality... because they see each product as an opportunity to make more money.

Sure, hypothetically you can make "a lot of money" reselling products because you can sell as many as you want and set your own price and keep all the profits... but reality is far different.

If you're a reseller reslling a low quality product... don't expect to make a lot of sales. Furthermore, you're not the only one reselling that product, so expect fierce competition. Being a reseller of MRR/RR products is not as great as most MRR/RR product creators make it out to be.

It's in the interests of those who create and sell MRR/RR products to give you the impression that you can make a lot of money from reselling MRR/RR products. Their goal is to make as many sales as possible... so the more people that they can convince that MRR/RR products is the way to "easy profits" the better for them.

Now, I'm not saying that a person who says that "you can set your own prices when reselling a MRR/RR product, you can keep all the profits, you can sell as many as you want..." is lying. I'm just saying that it's not the whole picture.

The main reason why you buy a MRR/RR product in the first place, is to resell it right? I mean, that's how it's being promoted to you... as a way for you to make money. So, if you buy a MRR/RR product... but then struggle to sell it because of the poor quality or low value of the product... doesn't that just mean you wasted your money?

I mean, the whole point in buying the product was to make sales. So, the quality and the value contained within a MRR/RR product is an extremely important factor. Yet, so many of the MRR/RR products out there have very little value... or rather, they are not remarkable.

The Point
So, what is the point that I'm trying to make? Simple. Before you even try to resell a MRR or RR product, assess the quality of the product first, because it may not even be worth reselling in the first place.

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