Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Free PLR Content and Master Resell Rights products

Below are some PLR and MRR products that you can download for free.

I got all of the downloads from Resell Rights Weekly's Gold membership (affiliate link). Resell Rights Weekly is a free membership with an option to upgrade and the upgrade is called Gold membership. If you are already a Gold member then you can download all these downloads and more directly from the membership area. 

The downloads are from the PLR/RR Vault within the Resell Rights Weekly membership area. The PLR/RR Vault is divided into months. So, next to each download link below, I've mentioned in which section of the PLR/RR Vault I found the download.  

I use Mediafire to host all of these downloads. So, when you click on any of the download links, you will be taken to another page where you'll see a big download button. Click on that button to start downloading the file. All of the files are completely free to download... no catch. 

Okay, below are the download links, but first here's 2 free resources created by PLRinsight for all those serious about using and profiting from PLR content (click on title to download):
Here are the free downloads as promised (same as with the resource links above... simply click on the title to download the product):

Free Private Label Rights downloads
Free Master Resell Rights downloads
Why am I giving these downloads away for free?
Okay, so why am I really giving away all these PLR and MRR products... when I could sell them? Sure I could sell them, but I didn't feel like selling them. 

The truth is, I don't think it's worth my time to be serious about being a reseller of MRR products. The problem with reselling MRR products is that there is so much competition selling the exact same product as you. Firstly, some sellers will already be reselling the product for as low as possible. Secondly, the product is not unique to you... which means more effort to market the product.

What about the PLR content? Why don't I sell the PLR content or use the PLR content? Well, I don't like using PLR content where Private Label Rights to the content can be transferred. Why? Because it means that their is nothing limiting the amount of users of the PLR content. 

If I use PLR content, I would rather use PLR content that prevents PLR from being transferred. At least that way, I know that the only people who are using the exact same PLR content as me, are those who bought it directly from the creator of the PLR content. 

If you need help finding PLR content providers that don't allow private label rights to their PLR content to be transferred, download The PLR Buyer's Guide

The PLR Buyer's Guide lists PLR content providers for 3 categories: Those that limit the quantity sold of their PLR content, those that don't limit the quantity sold but doesn't allow PLR to be transferred and the final category is PLR content memberships. 

Now, I'm not saying that the free downloads above won't be useful... I'm just saying that they are not that useful to me... so why not give it away. The PLR content could still be useful... but because there may be a lot of people who end up using it, you may have to make a large amount of changes before the content is unique. 

As far as the MRR products go, it may be more useful to give them away or use as a bonus, instead of reselling them... since there will probably be a lot of competition in selling them. But, that's just my viewpoint.

Since I don't place much value on MRR products or PLR content that allows PLR to be passed on, I have no problem giving these types of products away or selling them for as little as a dollar. In fact, that's probably what I'm going to be doing from here on with these types of PLR and MRR downloads: either give them away, or sell them for $1. 

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