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Amazon Kindle Publishing PLR eBook

Amazon is a PLR eBook that you can download as a Resell Rights Weekly Gold Member (affiliate link). If you are already a Gold member, you can find this download under the July 2012 downloads (see PLR/RR Vault). If you are not a member, you can either join as a free member here and then upgrade

Below is a breakdown of the PLR eBook, Amazon Kindle Publishing. There are to sections to the breakdown. The first section (EBOOK DESCRIPTION) is for those who would be interested in reading the eBook. The second section (INFO FOR RESELLERS) is for all those interested in the private label rights to the eBook.

Amazon Kindle Publishing is a 40 page eBook which explains what it takes, to publish on Amazon Kindle. 

This is an eBook aimed at all those who ever wanted to publish their very own book for Kindle. Amazon Kindle Publishing tells you how to get your eBook published on Amazon Kindle so that you can start making sales.

What's great about this eBook, is that it describes the entire process, from figuring what to write about, to publishing, and what happens after publishing.

Publishing is not the final step... once you've published on kindle, you actually have to do some marketing and this eBook makes sure you know that.

The eBook, Amazon Kindle Publishing is divided into 5 sections, each with their own subsections... so it's very easy to navigate your way around the content. So, if there is something specific that you want to know about the kindle publishing process, you can jump right there with ease.

Amazon Kindle Publishing is easy to read and the chapters flows nicely into one another. Each section is a step in the kindle publishing process.

Here are the 5 sections and what each section is about:

1. Proclaim Yourself an Author
This section is all about getting started, such as choosing a topic to write about. This is an incredibly important step. You want to know before you start writing your eBook, whether there is a market for what you write. If the market is not interested in what you have to say, can you really expect people to buy your eBook?

So, to avoid wasting a lot of time and energy writing an ebook that people aren't interested, spend some time on research and make sure that people would want to buy the ebook that you want to write. This section is all about where you can look, to research a profitable topic to pursue.

2. The Professional Writer
This section describes how you should organize, layout and format your ebook so that it's ready to be published on Kindle. This step is important. If you don't format your ebook correctly so that it's ready to be published on Kindle, the end product may look very different from what you intended your ebook to look like.

If you mess up the formatting, you may end up with an unprofessional looking kindle book and all your effort wasted. So, get the foramtting phase right. Pay attention to what works and what doesn't.

3. Rights and Pricing
Section 3 of Amazon Kindle Publishing is about what rights you are selling the eBook under, that is necessary for you to sell it through Amazon. Furthermore, this chapter is also about what you should think about when setting a price for your eBook and how you get paid.

For example, the eBook is a digital download that will end up in the customer's kindle library, you would charge a lot less than if it was a paperback book. You want the price to be right, so that you can maximize  your ebook sales.

4. After Publishing Comes Marketing
As the section heading implies, this section emphasizes the importance of marketing if you want to make sales. Just being published is not enough to make sales... you actually have to let people know about your ebook. If you're serious about selling your ebook, then You're going to need to build an interested audience.

5. Strategies to Profit with Kindle
This section is for those who want to take things even further... for those serious about profiting. Section 1 to 4 tells you how to publish and do some marketing, but should you stop there? no. Section 5 is all about fine tuning and finishing touches. This section explains how to can increase your profit potential significantly.

When you buy the eBook, Amazon Kindle Publishing, you will also get Private Label Rights to the eBook.

Here's a breakdown of what the download folder contains:
  • Amazon Kindle Publishing (Word doc)
  • Amazon Kindle Publishing (PDF doc)
  • Amazon Kindle Publishing - Marketing Report (Word doc)
  • 23 Amazon Kindle Publishing Articles (Text doc)
Now, on to some hard questions...

Is this eBook worth selling?
If you buy PLR and MRR content with the intention of reselling it, you want to know if what you are buying is worth reselling.

So, is this eBook worth reselling? Well, the answer depends on you... all I can do is make some points for you to think about.

Well, what you are buying is a 40 page PLR eBook... which is a lot of PLR content. 

However, you also have to take into account the PLR license. The license allows the buyer of the PLR eBook, Amazon Kindle Publishing, to also sell PLR to the eBook. So, everyone who buys the eBook here and from anyone else who is selling this PLR eBook, will also have PLR to the eBook... which could end up being a lot of people. So, if you plan on using the PLR content instead of reselling the eBook, you may need to make substantial changes to make the content unique. But, on the positive side... the license is very broad... so you can do a lot with the PLR content apart from reselling it.

This PLR eBook package includes related articles that you can use to make your version of the eBook unique or more valuable.

The 23 articles on Kindle have been added, to make it easier for the buyer to make the eBook more unique. Having these articles as part of the eBook package, is a huge benefit to you, if you plan to make the eBook more unique... or want to add more value. By incorporating content from the articles into the ebook, you make your version of the eBook different from others who also bought the eBook as a PLR eBook. This is extremely useful, if you plan to brand the eBook.

Or, you can use the articles to create additional material that you can use to either promote the eBook, or create resources to accompany the ebook.

The market is huge

This eBook targets a wide range of readers... everyone from those who like the idea of having an eBook published, to those serious about writing, to those who want to make money and selling ebooks is a method to an end.

If you think about it, the ebook is not about being a guide to the Kindle publishing process... okay, it is about getting published on Kindle, but it's also more than that... it's about what being published on Kindle means to the reader. Some what to have their own ebook published on kindle because it seems like fun, other want exposure and others just want to make money from it. So, instead of the eBook just being seen as a guide, it can also be seen as an opportunity.

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