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A Quick Guide to Profiting from PLR and Resell Rights

This free short guide takes you through the 3 types of online businesses that you can start, that is centered around Private Label Rights and Resell Rights products.

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As this guide points out, there are 3 different types of private label rights and resell rights businesses that you can start. You could either:
  • create and sell your own PLR and RR products 
  • buy existing PLR and MRR products to resell as PLR, MRR, RR or 
  • buy existing PLR, MRR and RR products sell directly to the respective niche.
Create Your Own Products to Sell

You could create your own PLR or Resell rights products and sell those. Creating your own content to sell could be time consuming and expensive, but since you are the only seller selling that PLR or Resell Rights product, the profit potential is far higher than if you were just a reseller.

However, if you create your own PLR or Resell Rights products but place a license over your products that allow your customers to pass on either private label rights, Master Resell Rights or Resell Rights, be aware that your profit potential will shrink considerably.

If your license allows your customers to pass on rights, you are effectively allowing others to sell that product. This means you are no longer the only seller selling that product. In other words, you are allowing your customers to become your competition.

So, if you create your own PLR content to sell, it would be better for you if you put a PLR license over the content that prohibits your customers from passing on the private label rights on to others.

If you create your own Resell Rights products to sell, then it's not really an issue, since your customers can only sell the product, but can't pass on the 'right to sell' on to others.

Creating and selling Master Resell Rights products is another story. The very nature of a Master Resell Rights license is to allow the purchaser of the MRR product, the right to pass on the 'right to sell.' So, when you create a product and place a MRR license over it, you are allowing your customers to become your competition.

Creating and selling a product with a MRR license doesn't make sense to me. If your customers become your competition... and the more time that passes, the level of competition is only likely to increase. This would mean that if you want to profit from selling your own MRR products, you have to make as many sales as you can in a short space of time. The more time that passes from your product launch, the harder it will be to make sales.

If you want to start an online business creating and selling either PLR, MRR or RR products, consider selling PLR content. I think that becoming a PLR content provider is far more profitable than a MRR or RR content provider because your customers can get way more value out of PLR products than they could out of MRR or RR products.

If you want to know how to become a PLR content provider and start your own business creating and selling PLR content, you can find out how from the PLR ATM (aff link).

Since I have never tried to create and sell my own PLR content, I can't tell you how to get started. It's always better to learn from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, which is why I think the PLR ATM is worth checking out. The PLR ATM was created by someone who is actually a successful PLR content provider... which means they are talking from experience.

Resell Existing Products

Instead of creating your own PLR or Resell Rights products and selling them, you could buy PLR and MRR products that allow you to resell them. When I say resell here, I mean that the license allows you to pass on the rights to your customers... like buying PLR content and reselling it as PLR content.

If you choose this online business model, you can get started quickly. The products already exist, so all you have to do is buy them and resell them.

However, even though this online business is easy to start and the products hardly cost anything, I think that the profit potential here is very small. Think about it; if you bought a product that gives you the right to resell, it also gave all the others who bought the same product as you, the same right. Which mean that there will be a lot of people reselling the exact same product as you.

Another factor that limits your profit potential is that your target market is restricted to the internet marketing/online business niche. Only those who are interested in making money online would be interested in PLR and Resell Rights products. A further disadvantage of this business model is that a lot of your potential customers may be aware that multiple people are selling the same product, and shop for the cheapest one.

Selling Existing Products

Okay, so one of the main disadvantages with the previous business model (reselling existing products) was that your customer base is all in the internet marketing/online business niche. So what if, instead of reselling the PLR or MRR product, you sold only the product? This way, you are not selling to the internet marketing/online business niche... you're selling to whatever niche would be interested in the product you're selling.

So, by selling the product directly to the niche it's aimed at, you have a higher profit potential than the second business model (reselling existing products). However, this business model has the same weakness of the second business model, in that, there will be others selling the exact same product as you. It's a lot easier to sell a unique product, than it is to sell a product being sold by loads of people... especially considering that you can't control how much your competition charges.

A Quick Guide to Profiting from PLR and Resell Rights

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