Saturday, 28 July 2012

The PLR Buyer's Guide

The PLR Buyer's Guide is a resource created by PLR Insight to help you find quality PLR content providers. The resource lists a wide range of PLR content providers as well as provides some detail about what each PLR content provider offers.

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The PLR Buyer's Guide has 3 categories of PLR content providers:
  • The first category are all those PLR content providers who limit the amount of sales. By only selling a limited quanity of each piece of PLR content, the content is more useful for all those who bought the content. 
  • The next category are those PLR content providers who don't limit the sales, but place a PLR license over the content that prohibits customers from passing on private label rights. This way, the only way to get your hands that that specific piece of PLR content, is to buy it from that specific PLR content provider. This is a good way to prevent the PLR content from being sold all over the internet and also keep the amount of people using the content, reduced. 
  • The final category are those who run PLR content memberships, where the amount of members is limited. This way, the content will only be used by a limited amount of people. 
The PLR content sold by the PLR content providers listed in this eBook covers an incredibly wide range of niches. Furthermore, the type of PLR content sold is also wide. The eBook lists PLR providers that sell PLR articles, PLR eBooks, PLR reports, PLR auto-responders and even PLR eCourses

The Plr Buyer's Guide

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